suits donna returns sucker punch 'Suits' star Patrick J. Adams on Donna's return and Harvey's new (old) loveDonna (Sarah Rafferty) might’ve been missing from “Suits” for an episode after her character was fired from Pearson Hardman for messing up big time, but she’ll be back tonight (Aug. 2) as part of a mock trial surrounding Harvey’s big case.

Star Patrick J. Adams tells Zap2it says that Donna returns as part of a simulation of how the suit will go down in court. “These mounting pressures are becoming too much for all of them and they need to know how this is going to play out, so they have this grown-up mock trial,” he explains. “Donna is brought in to help service that.”

There’s a lot of underlying tension surrounding Donna’s exit, and the episode will not be lacking in excitement. “This one is intense,” Adams promises. “‘Suits’ fans need to buckle up — things are heating up and they have to be dealt with. The
humor is still there, but there’s a lot of stress in the office and it’s
blowing up in a lot of good ways.”

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Donna is not too happy about her exit from Pearson Hardman, so naturally she won’t be pleased about coming back. “In the real trial, she would probably be called upon to be a witness because she’s been accused of losing this document, so they’re trying to get her to come in. That’s not an easy thing to convince her to do because she obviously feels like she’s been really let down by Pearson Hardman and Harvey specifically.”

The Donna issue won’t be resolved easily, and it won’t be resolved tonight. “She
committed a crime as far as everybody’s concerned, so that’s an
untenable situation at best. There’s a long way to go …. before she
would ever be able to come back to the office.”

suits jacinda barrett 'Suits' star Patrick J. Adams on Donna's return and Harvey's new (old) loveBut Donna returning to Pearson Hardman as an employee is not completely out of the question. “Everyone loves Donna, and everybody wants Donna to be back — but there are
a lot of things that would have to happen before that would be
possible. I think it’s safe to say that Donna is a part of the show
whether she’s at Pearson Hardman or not, so I think for the next few
episodes people have to steel themselves that she’s not sitting at that
desk outside of Harvey’s office, but still playing an important role in
this story.”

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For the record, Adams was just as devastated while watching Donna get the boot as the rest of us. “It was heartbreaking, right? I don’t usually watch my show and have an emotional response. Most of the time I watch my show [thorough my fingers], and I was watching that episode and I was totally engrossed,” he admits. “I got to watch them act and I thought it was some of the best work that Gabriel [Macht] and Sarah have done on the show.”

That final scene by the elevators “was a moment where I was like ‘Wow, we’ve actually created a whole world that people care about and now I care about, just as a viewer.'”

Speaking of Harvey, “Sucker Punch” is also the first episode featuring Mann’s real-life wife, Jacinda Barrett. She’s a former flame of the hotshot lawyer, who will also play a big part in next week’s flashback episode. But no, that doesn’t mean we’ll see too much more of Harvey’s romantic life.

“Obviously they have chemistry, so it would not be out of the question that maybe Harvey and Zoe would want [their relationship] to continue in the future, but given the stakes of what’s happening with the firm right now I think it’s more realistic to explore that relationship by going backwards rather than forwards.”

“Suits” airs Thursday nights at 10 p.m. on USA.

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