“Suits” is finally returning to USA so that fans can find out exactly what happens at the Pearson Hardman law firm after the defeat of Daniel Hardman. Will everything be OK? Will there be new problems to face?

Show creator Aaron Korsh and star Gabriel Macht gave us some clues when they attended the “Suits” premiere event at the Paley Center on Monday (Jan. 14).

Aaron Korsh, the creator and executive producer of “Suits” is up first.

If you don’t want to deal with the low-quality video or don’t have the patience to wait for spoken words, here are the highlights:

  • The final six episodes of “Suits” Season 2 will continue the story set up in the first 10 from this summer.
  • Very little time has passed between the end of the summer finale and the beginning of the winter premiere. It has been no more than a few days since Mike’s grandmother died.
  • “It’s a power vacuum.” Korsh is referring to the fact that the former head of the Pearson Hardman law firm has been disgraced and thrown out. This means all of the other high-end firms will be smelling blood.
  • No one likes Louis (Rick Hoffman) much at the beginning of these new episodes.

Gabriel Macht, the actor who plays Harvey Specter, is next.


  • Harvey wants to “be part of the name on the door.” After his help in defeating Hardman, this senior partner may want to help run things at Pearson Hardman.
  • “Underneath, he really believes in the firm, and he loves the people that he works with. Even though he might not outwardly tell anyone that.”
  • “He might potentially make some little threats.”

“Suits” season 2 returns on Thursday, Jan. 17 at 10pm on USA.

Posted by:Laurel Brown