suits winter premiere blind sided louis rick hoffman usa 'Suits' winter premiere: Mike spirals, Harvey softens and Louis...?

So much for the thrill of victory on “Suits.” Daniel Hardman may be gone, but the troubles of Harvey, Mike and the rest are just getting started as season 2 resumes with new episodes. And thank goodness — television is so much better when life sucks.

Mike spirals

We all fall apart in the face of loss. It’s a natural part of the human condition — when something rocks our world to its core, decision-making is often the first thing to go.

Mike’s world hasn’t just been rocked, it’s been shattered.

Think about it this way: Who does Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams) have in his world, now that his grandmother is gone? He has lost Trevor. Jenny walked away. Mike doesn’t really have any other friends, and except for his work, he is completely alone.

You’d probably smoke some pot and reconnect with your first love too.

Not that any of this matters to the lofty law firm of Pearson Hardman. When you go to work, you check your emotions at the door. Mike, however, isn’t professional enough to see this.

Things Mike screws up

He gets a pass for grief, but Mike sure screws up a lot in a single episode:

  • Mike sleeps with the married Tess. Repeatedly.
  • When faced with a client who brings up old demons, Mike makes many inappropriate comments.
  • Mike doesn’t realize that Rachel (Meghan Markle) isn’t going to fall for his cute act any time soon.
  • One should never go to work stoned. This is exactly why they have drug testing.
  • Old ambulance-chasing lawyers don’t care about the people they screwed 15 years earlier. Mike lost that one before he walked in the door.
  • That whole attorney-client-privilege thing? Kind of important…

Harvey goes soft

“Blind-Sided” is officially the softest we have ever seen Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht) in the history of ever. Whether he’s joking around with Donna or getting schooled in dating etiquette by a little girl or covering Mike’s butt by hiring Katerina, Harvey is all about caring for others in this episode.

It’s kind of weird. It’s kind of awesome.

And it doesn’t work out for Harvey at all. By the end of the hour, he has lost the woman he might have one day loved, hired a new associate that he didn’t want, and fallen out of grace with Jessica. There may be a reason why the great Harvey Specter doesn’t allow emotions to get in the way: They just don’t work for him.

Oh Louis…

One of the highlights of this winter premiere is the return of Sheila Sazs (Rachael Harris), aka Female Louis. And oh does her arrival mean good things for Louis (Rick Hoffman)!

Thankfully we will never know what happened in that hotel room, but it sure made both Louis and Sheila happy. It’s too bad that this happiness was destroyed by the combination of Mike’s secret and the continued bad feelings from both Harvey and Jessica.

For his betrayal, Louis deserved to lose his new associate. He probably deserved to lose Sheila. But the genius of Louis is that we feel terrible for him when he does.

Everyone is making up for their own Albert Chung

Mike’s anger at his young client doesn’t dissipate in the face of cold, hard logic. Even though Mike does seem to accept that Albert Chung’s death will go unpunished, he doesn’t like it one bit.

But does Mike see the irony in his anger? When letting the client know that he’s free and clear for all time, no matter what he did wrong, Mike Ross says the following:

“You’ve been given a gift that you don’t deserve, so you better clean yourself up and figure out a way to make up for Albert Chung.”

This sentence may as well be the theme of the whole episode. It’s not just a young hit-and-run offender who has been given a give — Mike has too. Mike Ross doesn’t deserve to be a lawyer. Heck, he doesn’t even deserve those crazy brains that make this whole show possible. Both the job and the intelligence are a gift.

In “Blind-Sided,” Mike does little but waste that gift. And he definitely needs to clean himself up.

A few verbal reasons why “Suits” is one of the best things on television

  • “Tell yourself whatever you want, Louis. But tell it to yourself.” — Harvey
  • “Does she know that six hours before you screwed her, you tried to screw me?” — Rachel, to Mike
  • “Your emotions get the better of you on a merger.” — Harvey, to Mike
  • “Room 405. 9pm tomorrow. Bring coconut oil, a ski mask and duct tape.” — Sheila Sazs, to Louis
  • “Punctuality’s the best aphrodisiac.” — Sheila, to Louis
  • “I’m Batman.” — Louis
  • “You’ve been given a gift that you don’t deserve, so you better clean yourself up and figure out a way to make up for Albert Chung.” — Mike, to his client

“Suits” airs Thursdays at 10pm on USA.

Posted by:Laurel Brown