Sullivan Stapleton, who plays Themistocles in the Warner Bros. sequel “300: Rise of an Empire” chatted with Zap2it on the red carpet at the DC Entertainment and WB Comic-Con party, celebrating 75 years of Superman.
We had to ask Stapleton about the grueling workouts to get in shape for the eye-popping “300” costumes — what little there is of them. “It hurt,” Stapleton tells Zap2it. “We did a lot. It was kind of nice though to find you’ve got a six-pack at the age of 35. I had one under there.” And as for those skimpy costumes? “That was a whole ‘nother ballgame,” he says. “Denim skirts and leather underwear. That was a new world for me.” 
Since this was, after all, a Superman party, we didn’t want to leave out the guest of honor. So we asked Stapleton who would win in a fight: His fierce “300” warrior or the Man of Steel. “Superman,” says Stapleton without hesitation. “He’d kick my a**.”
The “Man of Steel” himself, Henry Cavill, talked to Zap2it at the same party about his love life being in the spotlight and why it was worth it for Superman to destroy Metropolis.
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