summer camp usa 'Summer Camp': Meet USA's 16 campersUSA is launching an action-packed reality competition series later this summer called “Summer Camp,” which brings a group of adults campers together in Big Bear, Calif., where they will battle it out in competitions inspired by classic summer camp games.

At the end of the summer, the contestants will face off in a “Campathalon,” an Olympic-style event. Friendships will form, alliances will crumble and hook-ups are inevitable — it’s camp.

Hosted by former “American Idol” finalist Matt Rogers, “Summer Camp” premieres Thursday, July 11 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on USA. Meet the cast:

summer camp women 'Summer Camp': Meet USA's 16 campersMEAGHAN COOPER, “The Flirt” – (Age 27) – The boys had better watch
out, because 27-year-old fitness model and country music artist Meaghan
isn’t afraid to use her looks as a weapon, and tends to leave a trail of
men in her wake. This bombshell loves a challenge, and will do her best
to flirt her way to victory. And thanks to Meaghan’s wild streak, her
fellow campers may have a tough time taming the strong-willed Texan.

ERIN COSGROVE, “The Country Girl” – (Age 24) – From Tarin Springs, Florida, this fiery, redheaded personal trainer grew up the ultimate tomboy. Her country living taught her how to build a fire, catch a fish and skin a deer but she’s still deathly afraid of snakes. She looked and acted like a boy – until she went to camp in 7th grade, where the girls taught her how to be attractive and feminine. Now, this country bumpkin will use her physical strength, knowledge of the outdoors and feminine wiles to try and eliminate the competition.

MELINDA GROSS, “The Geek” – (Age 26) -A professional stuntwoman from Denver, Colorado, this self-proclaimed cos-play nerd loves comic books, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars and even calls her car “the Batmobile.” She spends her weekends dressing up as her alto ego Batgirl, and her home is littered with comic book collectibles.  Don’t underestimate this “Geek Girl” unless you want to fall victim to her Golden Lasso of Truth!
BROOKE MAGNUM, “The Model” – (Age 23) – Brooke was born and raised in a large Mormon family in Salt Lake City, Utah, and is a strong believer in being “good to thy neighbor.” Having grown up an overweight tomboy sporting a mullet, Brooke surprised everyone, even herself, when she shed her ugly duckling exterior and started a modeling career. Beware of this hot “girl next door” because not only will she distract you with her good looks but she will kill you with kindness.

ISIS MCKENZIE, “The Pageant Queen” – (Age 33) – From Rancho Cucamonga, California, Isis is a total flirt and is a self-proclaimed great kisser! A veteran pageant queen, she has traveled on adventures around the world, charming people with her looks and outgoing personality wherever she goes. Isis is always running 10 minutes late, but gets away with it by flashing a smile and a wink. She says her strength is making other people feel good, which may turn out to be her secret weapon in this competition.

MICHELLE SCHEXNAYDER, “The Bayou Bodybuilder” – (Age 24) – Brains, beauty and brawn – this bayou belle from Lafayette, Louisiana, is the complete package.  A seasoned power lifter, video game nut and range-shooting enthusiast, Michelle is full of surprises. And now this 24-year-old Hooters bartender is ready to flex her impressive muscles as she takes on the competition at Summer Camp.

RACHEL SPALDING, “The Yogi” – (Age 27) – Rachel is a bubbly, energetic yoga instructor and life coach from Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina, whose goal in life is to spread joy as much as possible. She starts each morning with a green juice, some meditation, and her visualization of the day because she firmly believes that you are a direct reflection of what you project into the world. This “Yogi” will not leave her house unless she feels she is the ultimate “being of positivity.”

LAUREN VON DRASHEK, “The Mean Girl” – (Age 23) – Lauren is one mean Midwestern girl from Woodbury, Minnesota. She has no filter and always tells it like it is. She grew up playing hockey on both the girls and boys teams, but she spent most of the games in the penalty box because she was too aggressive. This “Mean Girl” has a degree in dietetics and works at a gym to help people lose weight and become pretty like her.

summer camp men 'Summer Camp': Meet USA's 16 campersMIKEY BENZAIA, “The Smart Ass” – (Age 26) – Mike is your typical wise guy from Middleton, New York. He’s a know-it-all who enjoys being the center of attention and prides himself on being a total lady’s man.  As a former camp counselor, Mike fondly remembers his years at summer camp since it is where he lost his virginity, pulled pranks on the other cabins and excelled in all team activities. He believes that summer camp represented the best time of his life.  Mike says he’ll definitely win this competition because he’s the king of talking smack, he can get into anyone’s head, and he isn’t afraid to stand up and speak his mind.

JUSTIN JACKSON, “The Hunter” – (Age 41) – From Tuskahoma, Oklahoma, Justin is “The Great Outdoorsman” who says his favorite sound is the call of elk in the morning. He has hunted everything from turkeys to bears and he is associated with every organization that supports the right to bear arms. Justin believes that when times are rough you will always have God and guns.  Justin fondly remembers his years at church camp where he was considered a prankster. He is extremely competitive and no animal or person will stand in the way of his winning!

CHRIS GRANT, “The Class Clown” – (Age 25) – Chris is the class clown.  This funny guy from Bronx, New York is a special education high-school teacher. As a child, Chris struggled with his weight until he discovered his love for basketball and played every day for two hours. He went to Britney Spears’ performing arts summer camp, where he was free to be his crazy self and even met Britney. Now, this class clown is ready to steal the show and win the competition.

KYLE KLEIBOEKER, “The Broadway Performer” – (Age 25) – From theater geek to Broadway chic, Kyle is a true “look at me now” story. Coming from a family of NFL athletes in Prairie Village, Kansas, he had a lot to live up to. However, Kyle grew up loving to perform and entertain. He was always pegged as the drama nerd in high school, but he really came into his own during summers at theater camp. He flourished as the leading role in every play and musical, which eventually landed him on Broadway. His dream is to represent all theater geeks and prove that they can dance circles around the football jocks.

CHUCK LINES, “The Sci-Fi Nerd”- (Age 25) – This “manny” from Dubois, Pennsylvania, is the king of the nerds! He studied the moves of Mark Hamill, and he is now prepared for light saber battles that may come his way.  In high school he was the leader of the nerd pack. and even though he is not built like a jock, he used his brains and agility to outsmart others. As a former eagle scout, Chuck’s skills at camp should not be underestimated.

MOISES RAMOS, “The Firefighter” – (Age 26) – From Miami Gardens,
Florida, Moises is a firefighter who feels like a real life superhero at
work and takes pride in helping people. Growing up, Moises was picked
on for being the fat boy and got thrown out of summer camp for his
pranks. Far from fat today, Moises prides himself on his physique and
winning smile.  The girls team better watch out and not fall for Moises’
charm and good looks, because he’s definitely a force to be reckoned

CAMERON TYLOR HARPER, “The Cowboy” – (Age 23) – Cameron is an old fashioned, Christian cowboy from Florence, Kentucky who is still a virgin. He believes in God, respecting women and rodeo. He loved going to summer camp because that’s where he got to meet all the pretty girls. You will never catch this cowboy wearing anything but jeans, a t-shirt, boots and a cowboy hat, but his old-fashioned ways might be his secret weapon in the competition.

MIKE WARD, “The Soldier” – (Age 25) – Mike is an “All-American Hero.” This handsome soldier from Boise, Idaho, was a star athlete in high school and was always good to his mom. He is currently in the Air Force and recently served as a soldier in Afghanistan. Mike spent his childhood in the South Pacific where he grew up cliff diving, hunting wild animals, doing missionary work with his parents, playing in the jungle, and eating fried spiders. Mike believes he will win this competition because he has 2% body fat and an 8-pack.  Because he is an accomplished military sergeant, he can brainwash his enemy and manipulate his opponent to win.

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