jonathan horton nc 325 Summer Olympics 2012: Gymnast Jonathan Horton looks back

Zap2it: What was it like winning that silver medal in Beijing in 2008?
Jonathan Horton: Well, the silver medal that I won in high bar was really just icing on the cake. I had accomplished my goal in ’08 already before I even won that medal, of medaling with the team. We got the bronze medal, which was a very unexpected bronze medal, and we just proved a lot of people wrong and showed everyone that we belonged on that medal podium. And so when I got that silver medal, it was great. I loved it; it was an incredible moment. But it wasn’t as special as the bronze with my team. But it was just a great way to leave Beijing. It was the last day I was there, it was the last event for gymnastics, and just to go up there and do really the best high-bar routine of my life, it was a really great feeling.

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Zap2it: You exhibited a fondness for heights as a child in Houston. Did you really once ride the family garage door to the ceiling?
Jonathan Horton: Yeah, I did. One time, my mom ran outside and hit the garage door button and then had to run back in. She was inside for, I think she says three to five minutes on the phone, and when she came out – I was 3 years old for that – she says I was just hanging from the garage door like “Hey, Mom, what’s up?” Just chillin’. (Laughs.) I was just hanging on with my hands, and I was just enjoying the view from being up that high as a 3-year-old. My mom grabbed me and lowered me down and was just like “Wow!” She tells me she looked at me like, “Our son is crazy.”

The 2012 Summer Olympics conclude on Sunday, Aug. 12.

Posted by:George Dickie