vampires audi Super Bowl 2012: Audi kills the vampire craze with their game day adSick of vampires in your life? Long lines at the movie theater for “Breaking Dawn,” Nina Dobrev on the cover of every other magazine, HBO over-promoting “True Blood.”

Personally, we’re all for more vamps, but we understand that our bloodthirsty friends may grow tiresome for some.

Audi’s new LCD “daylight headlights” may be your solution. Playing on vampire mania for fans of the genre, and on the general discontent from people who aren’t fang-friendly, Audi’s “Vampire Party” ad was certainly an attention-grabber during the Super Bowl.

In the ad, the vampires are throwing a very “Vampire Diaries” party under the moon, enjoying blood bags, tree climbing, and acoustic guitars, as vampires do. But when our protagonist arrives in his Audi, with its “Daylight, now in a headlight” lights, all of his pals are instantly incinerated.

We particularly like the addition of the #solongvampires hashtag. Ads are so “with it” these days.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie