Jaguar has released a preview of its 2014 Super Bowl commercial, and it is indeed good to be bad. That’s how it works when three menacing, British actors — Ben Kingsley, Tom Hiddleston and Mark Strong — explain why all the best villains share their accent and mannerisms.

For some reason, only Strong is actually driving a Jaguar. Kingsley spends the commercial being creepy in some sort of master-criminal lair, while Hiddleston buzzes Strong’s car in a helicopter. He does this while drinking tea, of course. Because he’s British, and they drink tea.

They also drive Jaguars — obviously the sexiest cars in the world, if the “British Villains ‘Rendevous'” commercial is to be believed.

This classy villainy is set to premiere on television during the 2014 Super Bowl on Sunday (Feb. 2).

Posted by:Laurel Brown