super bowl ads poll Super Bowl ads: What were your favorite (and least favorite) commercials? Vote!We’ve made our picks for the best and worst ads of Super Bowl XLVI. Now we want to hear from you.

The consensus of the Zap2it staff was that Volkswagen once again had one of the best ads of Super Bowl Sunday. We also liked the Chevrolet apocalypse commercial quite a bit, along with the Skechers spot with the running shoe-clad pooch.

On the downside, we are way, way over the GoDaddy commercials. And we mostly just snickered at the labeling of Bud Light as “platinum.” We’re also disappointed whenever companies air commercials that have been in rotation for a long time during the Super Bowl — so AT&T, you’re on the bad list too.

What were your favorite and least favorite ads? Vote in our polls below and tell us why in the comments.

Posted by:Rick Porter