Is it just us or is there a critical mass of Super Bowl ads being released days before game day this year? If so, we’d like to go on record as not liking it. We want to see our Super Bowl ads on Super Bowl day, preferably while we’re slightly buzzed and full of diabetes-causing snack items.

The latest to hit the Web: Jerry Seinfeld and Jay Leno’s team effort for the new Acura NSX. Leno’s only in it — SPOILER! — for a few seconds at the end, though, so we’re going to put most of the blame for high mediocre spot on Seinfeld.

There are definitely some funny moments. The premise is that Seinfeld wants to be the first person to own the newest Acura, but some run of the mill dude beat him to the punch. What follows is about 1 minute too much of Seinfeld trying everything in his arsenal to convince the guy to hand over the keys. He  tries everything from giving the guy the “Seinfeld” Soup Nazi to access to a network of zip-lines over Manhattan.

At the last minute, Leno swoops in — literally — and sours the deal.

As one Zap2it staffer pointed out, the spot probably would’ve been better served by a tighter edit.

What did you think? And do you want to see Super Bowl ads before game day?

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson