superman batman dc comics new series Superman and Batman join forces in new DC Comics series

Two of the world’s most beloved superheroes are joining forces, once again. Batman and Superman, the cornerstones of the DC Comics cast of characters, will be teaming up for a new ongoing comic book series beginning in June, USA Today reports. “Batman/Superman” will be written by Greg Pak (formerly a writer for Marvel Comics), and drawn by Jae Lee (best known for his work on “Inhumans”).
This won’t be the first time the heroic duo have teamed up. They’ve are both long-time members of the “Justice League of America,” and were at the center of “World’s Finest,” a series that began in 1939. So why is this so special? It’s the first time the two will be teaming up at the start of their superhero careers.
“We’ve been given the incredible opportunity to show these two icons meeting for the first time at this very early and raw stage in their careers,” Pak says. When the series begins, they two heroes have never heard of each other.
The series is part of the DC relaunch that began in August 2011. Dubbed “The New 52,” the company ended all of their titles, relaunching the continuity with new first issues for the company’s 52 main books.
Now, if they could get just moving on that “Justice League” movie, the world would be complete.
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