cassidy-freeman-smallville-tess-mercer-superman.jpgCassidy Freeman is moving on to a new series, but she still can see “Smallville” in her rear-view mirror.

Formerly the devious Tess Mercer on the young-Superman saga that lasted a decade, the actress plays it much more down-to-earth as the attorney daughter of the title sheriff (Australian actor Robert Taylor) in “Longmire,” A&E’s modern Western based on Craig Johnson‘s novels that premieres Sunday (June 3). Right after that, though, Freeman will step back into her immediate past.

Along with John Glover, alias “Smalllville’s” Lionel Luthor, and Gerard Christopher — the second title star of the syndicated “The Adventures of Superboy” — she’ill be a guest at an annual Superman Celebration in Illinois on Saturday, June 9. She admits that for her, a big lure of the event is the name of its location: Metropolis.

“I don’t usually do those things,” the good-humored Freeman tells Zap2it, “but I thought, “This is specifically about Superman … and it’s in Metropolis!’ My brother grew up loving comic books and I grew up obsessed with ‘The Last Unicorn,’ and when you love something and get to be a part of it for so many people, that’s an honor. You have to take that and know that.”

While her credits also include what she terms her “trifecta” of guest roles on all three of CBS’ “CSI” shows, plus the last of the three aired episodes of NBC’s “The Playboy Club,” Freeman realizes Tess may remain her main calling card for some time.

“I was just in the airport,” she says, “and some guy kind of looked at me like he was going to ask me a question. And he said, “‘Smallville,” right?’ And I said, ‘Yes’ … and then I didn’t know what else to say!

“I think I knew that would happen when I booked the show, and especially after I knew it was going to go more than one more year after I joined it. Everyone thought it would be over after Season 8. I loved that part.”

Posted by:Jay Bobbin