supermarket superstar stacy keibler 'Supermarket Superstar': How did Stacy Keibler do in her TV hosting debut?Stacy Keibler made her television hosting debut Monday night (July 22) when “Supermarket Superstar” premiered on Lifetime. The premise is that home cooks compete to have a product the A&P buyer thinks could be on a supermarket shelf, after a team of mentors help refine the products.

Keibler is the Heidi Klum of the show, though this show is no “Project Runway.” It was combining the worst of a cooking show with the worst of a retail show, almost. There was just no oomph there.

George Clooney’s ex looked beautiful, to be sure, but the show didn’t really give her much chance to shine initially. Once it got rolling into the focus group part, she did get to sample the wares along with the mentors and focus group, so that was more fun.

When she was reading the critiques from the focus group, it would’ve been better if she’d ever memorized it or had a teleprompter or something, because it was distracting the way she kept looking down at the cards. But it’s her first time, so we’ll cut her some slack.

There’s a big chunk in the middle third where they talk about marketing and Keibler is nowhere to be seen for a while, then in the end she reappears for the final showdown.

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