supernatural castiel dean fight 'Supernatural' 100th episode sneak peek!On Thursday, April 15, “Supernatural” will air its 100th episode. Now that Dean (Jensen Ackles) has decided to surrender to Heaven, things are about to get pretty tense between him and the little rogue angel on his shoulder, Castiel (Misha Collins).

Can’t wait until next week to see it all go down? We’ve got a preview clip of the landmark episode, “Point of No Return.”

Dean ditched Castiel and Sam (Jared Padalecki) at the end of the last episode to go say his last goodbyes before he “says yes” to allow the arch angel Michael to use his body as a vessel. Since Castiel rebelled against all of Heaven, losing a lot of his angel mojo, to keep Dean away from Michael, he’s obviously not too thrilled by Dean’s plan.

Can Team Free Will recover from this one?

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