supernatural jensen ackles jared padalecki 02 320 'Supernatural': A sick feelingOn “Supernatural,” our Intrepid Heroes track Pestilence to a nursing home in Davenport, Iowa, where The Horseman’s been posing as the home’s resident geriatrician as of late in order to conduct a series of gruesome experiments on some of the patients, each of whom ends up dying of multiple infections from an exotic variety of rare tropical diseases.

When his demonically enhanced assistant informs him of Sam and Dean’s arrival, Pestilence unleashes a plague that instantly slaughters the remaining patients and staff, then afflicts the boys with a combination of meningitis, scarlet fever, and syphilis that brings them to their knees.

Fortunately, Castiel shows up at the very last minute to save the day. Unfortunately, his wacky Angel-B-Gon antics in Van Nuys have left him far more human than angel at this point, and he, too, nearly succumbs to Pestilence’s pestilence, but he somehow manages to hold it together long enough to hack off The Horseman’s ring finger with The Knife That Can Kill Anything Except When It Usually Can’t. Before Pestilence vanishes, though, he warns Sam and Dean that “it’s too late.” DUN!

Meanwhile, we learn that Bobby took Crowley up on the latter’s end-of-episode offer last week, and Crowley’s little spell revealed the following bit of very bad news: Chicago’s about to be destroyed by a thunderstorm that somehow sets off a cascading series of catastrophic natural disasters which in the end will leave more than three million people dead. Good thing I moved.

The final Horseman’s behind it, of course, and Our Intrepid Heroes are about to roadtrip on over to Illinois when Crowley drops another little bad-news bombshell on their tantalizing derrieres: Niveus Pharmaceuticals issued a press release announcing countrywide distribution of their new, faster-acting swine flu vaccine which is actually, of course, the Croatoan virus, so by this time next Thursday, the boys plus their remaining allies should be living in Zombieland. D’OH!

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