It was another creepy and yet amusingly playful episode of Supernatural tonight, and one with a very watery theme at that. The body count was low, but since they all died via strange drowning incidents and I think that has to be a particularly awful way to die, I am tempted to make them count triple. It all started when a ghost ship pulled into the harbor…well, more flickered in and out of the harbor, seen by a lone jogger. Later that night, she drowns. In her shower.

The boys are on their way, and in the car Dean confronts Sam about The Colt missing a bullet and knowing he killed The Crossroads Demon. Sam asserts that he wants Dean to care whether he lives or dies and Dean argues that he can’t do anything about it, especially now that the one person who knew who holds the contract on his life is now dead. Ouch. Even worse, when the boys arrive to check out the mysterious death, they run into Bella. Well, first they run into an old lady who is the aunt of the dead jogger, and she takes the term "cougar" to new levels of wrong and then they run into Bella. She claims to be giving the elderly ladies on the coast closure by holding seances for them. When she shows up at the scene of the second death, posing as a reporter to interview the victim’s brother, something seems amiss. She goads the boys when Dean condescends to her, claiming they are barely better then serial killers, but she eats her words soon enough when she needs their help recovering one nasty artifact. Since the boys have seen the surviving brother fall victim while they were helpless to stop the ghost, they are willing to listen.

The artifact in question is the hand of a sailor , who is exacting revenge every 37 years, taking 37 victims, because he was hanged by a kangaroo court when he was 37. I must admit, it’s got nice symmetry. Apparently the right hand of a hanged man is a powerful occult object. And also a coveted piece of maritime history, currently in place in the local museum. Bella tells the boys that if they burn it in the cemetery, the deaths will stop. Sam and Dean are still curious about how the dead sailor chooses his victims, but the interest of saving lives belays their curiosity and they agree to accompany Bella and the old cougar, Gert, to a charity event at the museum. You see, Gert has the coveted invites, and she wants Sam as her escort. Yikes!

While Sam keeps Gert … entertained … Bella and Dean get upstairs and manage to swipe the hand. However, Gert also lets some information slip, that the brothers whom were killed were rumored to have murdered their father to gain their inheritance, and her own niece was involved in a car wreck that killed her cousin. He doesn’t have time to let Dean in on this new data, however, because the first moment they are alone together, Dean realizes Bella stole the hand from him. Elsewhere, she smiles to herself while fanning her face with a wad of cash until something catchers her eye.  The ghost ship flickering in the harbor, signaling she’s the next victim.  Of course, she runs back to the brothers for help, but when they ask what family member she killed to incite the ghost’s anger, she clams right up, saying she will take care of it herself. Sam and Dean are too good of guys to let her die, however, so they decide to try and help her.

Even though she had already sold the hand and it was long gone, Sam comes up with a brilliant plan to call a spirit. That night, in the cemetery, our disgruntled sailor shows up, but so does his brother. His brother, who was the captain of the ship that held the kangaroo court that hanged Mr. 37. When the spirits confront each other Mr. 37 is angry and the Captain apologizes profusely, but when the wronged brother lunges at his sorrowful kin, they both dissolve in a splash of eye catching special effects, leaving Bella wet and hacking up water, but alive. 

The show ends with her paying the boys $10,000 for saving her life and them heading out to Atlantic City. And arguing. well, it starts with Dean saying he understands why Sam went after The Crossroads Demon, but that he needs to accept his eventual demise because he is strong and he will get along just fine without him. Sam responds By telling him to stop worrying about him and to start worrying about himself, but just like a switch, Dean has turned his emotion off and is already dreaming of the craps tables.

The Good: One word: TUXEDOS. *fans self*

The Bad: Gert groping poor Sam!

The Spooky: Severed hands are up there on the spooky scale.

The Funny: Bella: "When this is over, we should really have angry sex."  Dean: "…………Don’t objectify me!"  Also? When Dean finally rescues Sam from Gert and tells him "You stink like sex"!

So what did you guys think?  Who do you suppose Bella killed? Does she have the ultimate daddy issues, as Dean suggested or did sibling rivalry get out of control? How do you think Sam will manage to find out who holds Dean’s contract? How long until that creature makes his or her presence known?

Posted by:Jessica Paff