spn jensen ackles directs 'Supernatural': Behind the scenes with Jensen Ackles, Captain of the Problem Solving SquadWe’ve been talking about Jensen Ackles“Supernatural” directing debut for months, and on Friday Oct. 15, we’ll finally get to see the finished product. While you’re waiting, check out these great behind-the-scenes photos of Ackles getting his director on.

We talked to Ackles at Comic-Con about stepping behind the camera for the first time on a show he knows so well. “It was definitely a unique experience,” Ackles says. “I’ve never looked
at a script the way I had to look at the one that I direct. As an actor
you just look at it and make decisions on your character. I was having
to make decisions on every word, on every page. It’s a lot to think
about. It’s a lot of homework, a lot of decisions to make. You’re the
Captain of the Problem-Solving Squad.”

Though the episode is focused mostly on Bobby (Jim Beaver), Ackles also got the chance to work with long-time co-star Jared Padalecki in a different capacity. “It was like making a movie with your best buddy,” Padalecki told us. “It’s like making home videos or something.”

In The CW’s behind-the-scenes video, Padalecki says that Ackles has been interested in directing for a long time and would often make suggestions to previous directors. “The director would be like ‘Oh, that’s great! Let’s do it!'”

“This can be a very difficult show to shoot on the fly,” Ackles says. “You’ve got to do your homework and you’ve got to have a plan.”

So who gave Ackles the most trouble on set? Not Padalecki (which may be a bit of a surprise). “The only actor I really had trouble with was myself,” he says. “Luckily, I’m not that heavy in this episode, so I’ve been able to stick behind the monitors quite a bit.”

“I think he did a tremendous job,” Padalecki says. “He’s my favorite director so far.”


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Photo Credit: The CW

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie