sam hennings 'Supernatural' casts Samuel Colt: Welcome Sam Hennings to the Old WestSupernatural’s” highly anticipated Old West time-travel episode will bring Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) face to face with Samuel Colt.

Thanks to TVLine, we can now put a face to the legendary name. Sam Hennings, most recently known as Charlie White of “Memphis Beat,” will play Colt. “He’s an iconic character for the show, and has been since season
one,” Sera Gamble tells TVLine. “We’ll be meeting him later in
his life, after many years of fighting demons and tinkering with
magical weapons and Devil’s Gates and such. Time hasn’t been too kind to
the guy — which is pretty par for the course, for a hunter.”

Much about Colt remains a mystery. We do know that he built the gun that killed Azazel – a gun that can kill almost anything. He also built a giant railroad Devil’s Trap to protect  the cowboy cemetery devil’s gate. (He probably won’t be too thrilled to know that a hundred-and-some years later, the thing opens anyway.)

We always love the time travel episodes, and we’re looking forward to seeing what Sam and Dean uncover or influence this time. What are your thoughts on the casting, “Supernatural” fans?

Don’t forget to tune in to The CW Friday at 9 p.m. EST for the mid-season premiere — for real this time. It’s a doozy.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie