The season premiere of Supernatural introduced several intriguing avenues for the story lines to delve into. There’s Sam’s new demon killing hand, Ruby’s new body (and Sam’s possible involvement with it), and – oh yeah – and angel of the Lord named Castiel who pulled Dean from the pit. Where do we go from there?

Well, tonight, we started down the road to the end of days. It starts with Olivia, a hunter of Bobby’s acquaintance who has a nasty run in with a ghost. While she’s apologizing to the ones she’s apparently wronged, Dean, Sam and Bobby are having a theological discussion on the possible existence of angels and God. Sam is a believer, Dean is not, with Bobby pointing out that it is at least possible an angel saved Dean. What it really boils down to, however, is that Dean is unnerved by the idea that if there is a God, he has a personal interest in what Dean’s up to. Frankly, I would be unnerved too. After all, look at Job.

Bobby pulls several books on angels from his library and Sam goes out for snacks (and pie). While running his errand, Ruby catches up to him and demands to know if it’s true that an angel saved Dean. He says they aren’t sure, but he thinks so and she abruptly says bye and heads for the hills. When Sam tries to stop her, she points out that angels aren’t likely to spare a demon just because she claims to be doing good deeds. Point taken. When Sam returns (sadly, sans pie) Bobby tells him to keep the engine running. Olivia hasn’t answered his calls and he wants to go check on her. Of course, all they find is her corpse with a giant hole in her chest.  They begin checking on the other hunters in the area and see the same results. Someone wants hunter hearts.

Including Sam, Dean and Bobby’s. Sam is the first to be attacked, while stopping at a gas station with Dean napping in the car. He is confronted by FBI Agent Hendrickson, one of the people killed by Lilith last season. It’s a fact that he’s more than a little bitter about and he makes sure to let Sam know that, in vivid detail, while beating Sam up. Dean bursts in with a shotgun salt blast to save the day and they head back to Bobby’s house. Bobby, unfortunately, is getting the same treatment from creepy little girl ghosts.

When they arrive at Bobby’s house, he’s nowhere to be found. Dean checks the house while Sam heads out to the junk yard – which is where we see Bobby, hiding in a scrap car with a little girl’s hand over his mouth. In the house, Dean notes the falling temperature and calls out to the ghost that is following him, to meet Meg. She goes into her story, revealing the girl she was before a demon possessed her (and cut off her hair and dressed her like a slut). It seems Meg was just a college girl who, in the course of her possession, had to watch the people the demon inhabiting her murdered. She was trapped inside her own body, praying and screaming for help, and she blames Dean for not providing it. Not only does she blame him for her own death, but it seems that her younger sister couldn’t take the loss of her and committed suicide shortly after Meg’s body was found and she places blame on him for that as well. It’s an all out guilt fest, really.

In the junkyard, Bobby is experiencing the same guilt trip from the creepy little girls, except they move from covering his mouth to covering his mouth and nose. Just as he’s suffocating, Sam notices one of the cars has iced over windows and comes barreling to save Bobby. At the same time, Dean finally hits on a plan to rid himself of Meg for a little while, by shooting a chandelier made of iron. It drops through her and she dissipates in a cloud of smoke, but not before he notes a strange brand on her hand.  Bobby and Sam rush in to find out what he’s shooting at and a moment later Sam realizes he saw a mark on Agent Hendrickson as well.

Sam draws the symbol out and Bobby looks it up. He no sooner has his answer, then he is grabbing books and telling to boys they are going somewhere safe -to a supernatural panic room of sorts. It seems the brand is the mark of the witness, a tell tale sign that a soul died having seen something unnatural. Someone made them rise and they have all the sense of rapid dogs, going out for blind revenge. And they are a sign of the Apocalypse.

Luckily, Bobby has found a spell that can send the witnesses back and he should have all the supplies they need back in his house. They leave the relative safety of the panic room to walk right into a nest of ghosts with a clear desire for vengeance. Bobby starts the spell while Dean and Sam gather the supplies he needs and they are all beset by ghosts with agendas. Agent Hendrickson gets especially personal with Dean, even reaching into his chest at one point. Luckily Sam blasts him and they run to assist Bobby.

There is a lot of salt spent in shotgun rounds as the boys try to keep the ghosts at bay while Bobby completes the spell. At one point, Meg gets the upper hand, pinning Sam to the wall with a desk and reaching into Bobby’s chest. Bobby nearly drops the mixing bowl he was using in the rite, but Dean catches it, pitches it to the fire as Bobby instructs and all the ghosts are gone in a flash of blue light.

Later, the boys sleep in the living room, but Dean wakes in the night to see Castiel. He quietly gets up and goes to talk to the angel, who tells him they did an excellent job with the witnesses. Dean sarcastically thanks him for the assistance, pointing out that he thought angels had fluffy wings, halos and were more like Michael Landon and less like dicks. Castiel corrects him, saying that is a soldier for God and was busy fighting elsewhere, where 6 other angels were killed.

He also tells Dean that Bobby was right, the rising of the witnesses is a sign of the Apocalypse. More specifically it’s one of the 66 seals that must be broken to bring about the end of days and it was broken by none other than Lilith. Dean asks what happens when the last seal is broken and Castiel tells him that Lucifer walks free, revealing that this possibility is why the angels have returned to earth for the first time in 2000 years. Dean tells him they’re doing a bang up job so far and gets the ultimate scolding for it as Castiel demands respect from him, pointing out he pulled him out of hell and he can send him back. Dean awakes with a start, as if it were all a dream. He looks over and asks Sam if he has any trouble believing in God and the devil. He doesn’t.

All in all, a nice build of tension from the season premiere. I am quite curious to see where they go with the Apocalypse angle, but more so about the disparity of faith seen in the Winchester boys. After all, Sam is supposed to lead a legion of demons, so is he to stand against an army of angels? Will Dean remain a charming atheist/agnostic despite the presence of Castiel or will he hold on to his anger at any God who could allow the things he’s seen happen?

Either way, the writing retains its humor and here are a few of my favorite moments:

Dean: I was not….groped by an angel.

Sam: Bobby is this-
Bobby: – solid iron, completely cover in salt. Ghost proof.
Sam: You built a panic room?
Bobby: I had a weekend off.
Dean: Bobby? You’re AWESOME.

Bobby: I found a spell to send the witnesses back to rest if I translate it right. I should have all the supplies we need at house.
Dean: Any chance you have all the supplies in this room?
Bobby: You thought our luck was going to start NOW all of the sudden?

Dean: At what point does He(God) lift a finger to help the people down here?
Castiel: The Lord works –
Dean: If you say ‘in mysterious ways’ I swear I will kick your ass.

Posted by:Jessica Paff