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After last week’s Season 9 premiere of “Supernatural,” which found Dean allowing the angel Ezekiel to possess Sam to heal him from the inside out without Sam’s knowledge (read our full recap here), fans have been wondering what ramifications Dean’s choice will have on the Winchester brothers’ relationship … especially after they came to an understanding of trust in the Season 8 finale. Will Dean’s secret threaten to tear the brothers apart so soon after they finally forgave each other for all of their past transgressions?

Zap2it got the chance to pick executive producer Jeremy Carver’s brain about just that, as well as Castiel’s human struggles (and human love?), Crowley’s predicament, and more about Tuesday (Oct. 15) night’s all-new “Supernatural,” titled “Devil May Care,” and the rest of Season 9. Read on to see what Carver revealed in our Q&A below:

Zap2it: That was a fantastic season opener. Obviously Dean’s choices — both to stop Sam from completing the trials in the church and allowing Ezekiel to possess Sam — are going to have major consequences going forward. How will his decision impact Sam and their relationship as brothers?

Jeremy Carver: “Excellent question, and one for the most part I’d like to see answered onscreen. As well-intentioned as Ezekiel is, I think we can expect something else happening with Sam having an angel in him. And as well-intentioned as Dean is having Ezekiel go into Sam, I think it created an extra burden for him. He convinced Sam not to do the trials to close the gates of hell and now he’s gotten an angel inside of his brother. These are two major decisions he’s made, which — one could argue — went directly against what Sam really wanted for himself.”

Will we see that play out this season?

“As the season progresses, these issues are not going to go away. These are very important things that need to be discussed by the brothers and how they see their role in this world and how they see their role with each other. This act of Dean’s is going to open up a whole box of issues, which some are expected and some unexpected.”

Now that Ezekiel is inside of Sam and communicating with Dean via Sam, will we see Tahmoh Penikett return to the show?

“It’s a little too early to comment on any potential return for Tahmoh especially because he’s inside of Sam. It’s tough to comment beyond that.”

How will Castiel react if/when he finds out that Dean allowed Sam to be possessed by an angel? Will he approve?

“You’re asking very detective-like questions! I think that any situation where Cas might discover that, I’d love for us all to watch his reaction together as opposed to me telling you what it might be.”

How will The Fall affect Sam and Dean’s plans going forward? Are the fallen angels the first task on their hypothetical to do list, or do they have other goals in mind?

“You’ve got a couple different things going on. The tricky thing about the trials is, by their understanding, in order to fully execute these trials they would have to die. They aren’t really willing to do that at this time. Now you’ve got this extra complication of angels falling on earth. So I think, first and foremost, what is occupying the boys’ major thoughts beyond the fact that there’s an angel in Sam, and Castiel is human, and there’s a civil war in hell — which are an awful lot of things — is how do we put this genie back in the bottle? How do we get angels back into heaven? What I think we’re going to see here, especially in these upcoming episodes in the first run, is that with all kinds of angels falling to earth there’s all kinds of bad things that can happen. So job No. 1 on the boys’ mind is, ‘How do we essentially reverse this spell that Metatron cast?’ That’s one of the heavier things occuypying them right now.”

Now that Castiel is out on his own as a human, will he attempt to meet up with Sam and Dean or will he try to figure out what it means to be human on his own?

“You’re going to actually see both of those things. The last time we saw Castiel talking with Dean, Dean said, ‘Get your ass to the bunker.’ I think Castiel has taken that to heart, but the issue is he can’t fly, he has very little money, so how is he going to do this? Part of the struggle we see him dealing with when we pick up with him again in episode 3 is not a question of will Castiel reunite with the boys, it’s how will that happen?”

And speaking of Castiel’s human struggles, we saw him ditch his dirty trench coat in the laundromat at the end of the season premiere in favor of buying food. Will we ever see him don his iconic jacket again, or is it gone for good?

“The guy had to make a choice. It was wash that trench coat or get something to eat. So will he wear the trench coat again? We’ll have to wait and see. But for now, he’s dressed just like the rest of us. Just a poor, poor slob.”

What can you reveal about Castiel’s upcoming love interest, April Kelly (played by Shannon Lucio)? Will Dean be Cas’ love spirit guide?

“His love spirit guide? I really like that term. Wish we had used it. I can’t talk too much about her. The lightning bolt hits you when you might least expect it. One of the fun things about watching him be a human is the way he adjusts to all these things, all these urges, everything. Everything that he didn’t have to practice as an angel. Nothing quite turns out the way Cas ever expects seemingly on this show and I don’t expect that would be any different now.”

Tonight’s all-new episode features the return of Crowley. What can you reveal about his situation?

“You’ve got a guy who will come to understand that there’s a very serious threat for his crown as it were, and the question for Crowley is, ‘How do I possibly manage a civil war while trapped in the Men of Letters bunker?’ It’s at times humorous, it’s at times surprisingly emotional. For a character that we’ve come to love to hate, I think folks might find themselves actually feeling for this guy in ways they didn’t quite expect. It’s going to play out, it might not all be there tomorrow night but it’s going to be there.”

“Supernatural” airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on The CW.

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