spn sam dean defending 'Supernatural' exclusive clip: Is Dean to blame for Jo's death?It’s almost Friday, “Supernatural” fans! In this week’s episode, Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) go head-to-head with the Egyptian God Osiris (guest star Faran Tahir). Osiris is the judge of the dead in the afterlife, and Sam and Dean discover that he’s not exactly being merciful these days. He’s also not just putting the dead on trial, but the living, too — and if the defendant is found guilty, he or she is brutally murdered.

spn alona tal jo defending 'Supernatural' exclusive clip: Is Dean to blame for Jo's death?Given the Winchesters’ luck, it’s no surprise that Osiris puts Dean on trial for his sins. “The judge in this case, the bad guy of the episode, isn’t really assessing Dean’s actual guilt,” executive producer Sera Gamble tells Zap2it. “He’s assessing Dean’s own perception of himself and his guilt.”

Of course, despite all of his swagger and bravado, Dean is not his own biggest fan.
“At this point in the series we’re well-acquainted with Dean’s penchant for self-flagellation about some of the things he’s done, so I think we’re rooting for him to see the good that he does,” Gamble says. “There’s seemingly no amount of persuading that will help Dean. That’s the question of the episode. If you weigh things out really clearly for him and emotionally for him, can you allow him to see that some of this stuff is not his fault?”

Sam will step in as Dean’s lawyer in the trial. “Sam just inserts himself into this trial to defend his brother,” Gamble tells us. Of course, at the beginning of the series, Sam had just aced his LSATs and was on his way to law school… a plan that, obviously, ran off course. Sam will put some of his old Stanford learnin’ to good use in this episode. “It’s fun to see,” Gamble says. “It’s a little taste of what Sam would have been in another life.”

The episode features a guest-starring appearance from the Winchesters’ old friend Jo (Alona Tal), who sacrificed her own life in a failed mission to take down Lucifer back in Season 5. In the exclusive clip below, Jo is called to the stand as Osiris grills her on Dean’s involvement in her life… and, ultimately, in her death.

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Posted by:Carina MacKenzie