supernatural-jensen-jared-s4.jpgZap2it asked “Supernatural” fans to share their hopes
and predictions for the upcoming Season 6, which premieres Friday,
September 24 on The CW. As always, you guys were very vocal – both about
what you do want to see and what you don’t want to see.

picked out some of the most interesting (and/or hilarious) responses
below. Keep them coming! Like you, we’re looking forward to finding out
what happens when Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) are reunited after a year of separation. Sam let Dean think he was dead while Dean played domestic daddy.

After Dean gets over his relief that Sam is not, in fact, cooking in hell, do you think he’s going to be angry? We would be.

More bromance, less crying:
“I watch it for the family and emotional drama along with the humor. It’s
the relationship the boys have and how the show explores it that brings
me back each week. As long as that is the main focus point (without
Dean shedding a tear each week) I think Season 6 can’t go wrong.” –Kim

Girl power:

“I want more female characters, chromatic characters, and queer
characters, preferably with at least one of surviving, recurring, and
not being antagonistic. Also more about Jess and about John’s family. On
plot considerations, especially getting back to the SamnDean show
without fridging Lisa, I trust Sera Gamble. (More than I trust anybody
else who’s ever been in Supernatural’s writing room. Did you know
Gamble’s the reason S4 Ruby was possessing a body where the original
occupant wasn’t home? It didn’t occur to anybody else in the writing
room that any other scenario that involved Sam sexing Ruby would mean
Sam raping Ruby’s host.)” –Ellie

“I would love to see a kick-a** female hunter, in my mind, played by
Gina Torres, who is a strong figure and NOT antagonistic to the
brothers, and NOT a romantic interest. Not every woman who strolls on
screen needs to be a potential lover for either Sam or Dean. I
would like to see Missouri Mosely return. Loretta Devine was superb in
the role, and she has been sorely missed. We need her back again.” –Zach

To accessorize or not to accessorize:
“The Samulet has to return ASAP. i will be very disappointed if dean never wears it again. VERY.” –Noor


“Please, no samulet! It’s an ugly reminder of unhealthy one-sided relationship that should be over and forgotten.” –Grib

“Honesty, laughs, reunions, brotherly love and the Samulet are what I hope for in season six please Sera.” –Charli

Hope it gives you hell:
“I just hope we get to see fall out from Sam’s time in hell. He deserves
an epic storyline this season to make up for the seasons where they kept
villifying him to martyr Dean. It got old fast.” –Lucy

“The only thing that troubles me about the setup for season six is the
writers’ decision to have had Sam hide his return from Dean. I really
hope there’s more behind it than a totally mistaken and patronizing
assumption by Sam that Dean would be better off living with the agony of
believing his brother trapped in Hell.” –Mary

E.T. phone home:
“I probably won’t even watch season 6 till I hear from other fans that
the brothers are okay with each other and that it’s not gonna be the
domesticated Dean family hour with him calling Lisa on every hunt to
check on his little nuclear family, ugh.” –Sharilyn

“If the relationship does inevitably go bust, I hope it’s Lisa that slams the door, and not Dean.” –Dee

“I think Dean will be an awesome dad. He always took care of Sam so it
shouldn’t be that akward for him. I really look forward to see some Dean
Ben bonding moments. I’m curious how they will deal with Dean hunting
and having a family with Lisa and Ben. I just hope they don’t go their
usual way of killing off characters for Lisa and Ben.” –Cassi

Brother vs. Brother:
“Have Dean stop calling Sam ‘Sammy.'” –M.

“I say keep the brother apart as long as possible and let them develop
relationships with other characters. I’m so over Dean being all about
Sam and Sam being all about Sam.” –Zoe

“More Crowley. And don’t you dare change his vessel. Sheppard!Crowley is the only Crowley I can accept.” –Timey Wimey

You better work:
“No more plaid flannel shirts. I know Sam and Dean are tough dudes from
the Midwest but enough of the bad wardrobe. This show has two hot lead
actors and they are always covered head to toe with shirt, t-shirt,
jacket combinations in all seasons and in every climate. I am not saying
they need to wear silk, pastel shirts but can we a least try to stay
current on a few new trends.” –Michelle

Answer our questions! This isn’t “Lost.”:
“I want to know why Dean was able to kill a high ranking angel and stare into angel grace.” –Sandradee

“Aside from the perpetual fraternal melodrama, I’m interested to see what
Sera has in store in terms of the supposed noir-esque mytharc,
especially given the underwhelming end to the apocalyptic angle.” –Tara

“I would love to see an episode in this season about Sam and Jess’s
family. We know the emotional struggles Sam went through, but what about
her family?” –James

Keep them coming, Zappers!

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