supernatural sam lucifer 320 'Supernatural' finale preview: The Sam Winchester 2010 Farewell Tour“Supernatural” season finales tend to be devastating. The first season left all three Winchesters hanging by a thread after being run down by a truck (driven by a demon, of course).

At the end of Season 2, Sam died in Dean’s arms. At the end of Season 3, Dean died in Sam’s arms.

Season 4 wrapped up with a gaping hole in the ground, out of which Lucifer himself crawled. Betcha can’t do that that, “Grey’s Anatomy.”

Given the show’s track record, we’re thinking things for Sam and Dean are going to get a heck of  a lot worse before they get better in the Season 5 finale, “Swan Song”. This (super spoilery) clip shows Sam saying his final goodbyes to his loved ones, now that he’s decided to hand the controls over to Lucifer.

Sam and Bobby hug it out, and he tries to give Castiel one last lesson in being human. It’s not particularly successful.

As for Dean… we’ll have to wait until Thursday night (May 13) to see that goodbye. Though we’re sure that even if Sam does die, he’ll be back for more in Season 6, we still can’t wait to hear what he thinks may be his last words to his big brother.

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