aj buckley travis wester ghostfacerspremiere 'Supernatural': Ghostfacers balance comedy with 'pathos'If you remember the Ghostfacer team from their three “Supernatural” episodes, you’re probably expecting their new web series, which premieres today (April 15) to be a bucket of laughs.

Zap2it was on the scene when the cast and crew of “Supernatural” at the “Ghostfacers” premiere in Hollywood on April 14. We’ve seen the whole series, and we can say that while you’ll definitely laugh, you might be surprised by the more emotional moments from the series. As Travis Wester explained to us, the story has plenty of “pathos” — his buzzword of the night.

He’s the expert. After all, he and A.J. Buckley are not only the stars of the series — along with “Life Unexpected’s” Austin Basis and Brittany Ishibashi —  but also writers and directors. It made sense for them to be on the writing staff, because the original “Supernatural” episodes were largely improvised. They were so funny that they even had “Supernatural” star Jared Padalecki laughing so hard he had to take a break from filming.

“We called him ‘Chisel Chest,’ and he couldn’t keep it together. He just went outside and lay down on the ground and kept on laughing,” Wester says.

“We just waited for him to finish,” Buckley adds. “For a long time.”

In the first installment, which is available now on CWTV.com, the Ghostfacers hire a new intern to accompany them while they search out the ghost of Janet Myers, a starlet murdered in an old Hollywood theater, played by “Nip/Tuck” vixen Kelly Carlson. With the help of the same special effects team that works on “Supernatural,” the series is not only hilarious and chock-full of pathos, but also genuinely creepy.

Wester and Buckley sat down with Zap2it to tell us about how the spin-off came to fruition. Don’t miss the video below, where they describe their initial meeting with “Supernatural” executive producer Eric Kripke. Warning: the video contains some coarse language and is not appropriate for all ages.

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