ghostfacers1 320 'Supernatural': Ghostfacers get their own series, Obama approved?When Travis Wester (“EuroTrip”) and “CSI: NY’s” A.J. Buckley shot their first episode of “Supernatural” in 2006, there were already rumors of a spin-off. Their characters, reckless amateur ghost hunters Harry and Ed, returned to the show in 2008 for “Ghostfacers.”

The first episode after the writers strike ended, “Ghostfacers” defied the usual “Supernatural” format and was instead written and shot to look like the pilot episode of Ed and Harry’s new reality show. Unfortunately, the faux-pilot was never picked up.

“The Winchesters erased our pilot,” Buckley tells Zap2it.

“Douchebags,” Wester interrupts.

“Yeah. Douchenozzles. When something happens like that, you grow from it. You get stronger, you get wiser. We looked at the grand scheme of the playing field and went, ‘The Internet! Let’s take it there.’ One click of a button, we can talk to Obama if we want.”

“Ghostfacers” has been a passion project for Wester and Buckley since they shot the first episode. “We would just literally meet on the weekend and start making videos. We’d go over to [“Supernatural” executive producer Phil Sgriccia’s] garage and do it,” Buckley says.

When “Supernatural” creator Eric Kripke got on board, the web series became more than a pipe dream.  Wester and Buckley were invited to write their own official “Ghostfacers” webisodes along with Patrick J. Doody and Chris Valenziano.

Zap2it had a sneak peek at the first three episodes. In the first
installment, Ed and Harry are looking to hire a new intern to replace
Corbett (“90210” star Dustin Milligan), the intern who died on
the job but, memorably, taught Ed “about how gay love can pierce
through the veil of death and save the day.”

On Thursday, April 15, as “Supernatural” airs its landmark 100th episode, “Point of No Return,” the “Ghostfacers” web series will go live on Two episodes will become available every Thursday night for five weeks. You don’t want to miss these. In the meantime, check out the video below where Travis and A.J. tell Zap2it about Obama’s secret message to the facers.

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