For the past season, Sam and Dean Winchester have had a new home on “Supernatural” — the Men of Letters bunker. Season 9 sees an expansion of that bunker, and audiences will get a whole lot more familiar with the set.

So why not take a tour?

To start your tour, check out the interview above with Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles. The two actors talk about how the Men of Letters set is one of the first truly permanent ones on “Supernatural” — even after 8 full seasons. The crew has even expanded the set for Season 9, creating rooms never seen before.

If you don’t want to just hear about the Men of Letters set, here are a few pictures to add details. The whole place is furnished in a classic style appropriate for its 1950s-era origins.

supernatural-season-9-men-of-letters-interview-1.JPGThere are, of course, special warrior touches — like samurai swords — mixed in with the old books.

supernatural-season-9-men-of-letters-interview-2.JPGWhen a Man of Letters needs to relax, records are always a good bet.

supernatural-season-9-men-of-letters-interview-3.JPGThis old map of the United States (“Indian Territory” is still labeled as half of modern-day Oklahoma!) helps to plot strategy.

supernatural-season-9-men-of-letters-interview-4.JPGComputers weren’t quite the same a few decades ago as they are today.

supernatural-season-9-men-of-letters-interview-5.JPGYou can never have too may swords.

supernatural-season-9-men-of-letters-interview-6.JPGThe map/computer room is prepared for any amount of strategizing.

supernatural-season-9-men-of-letters-interview-7.JPGAlternatively, you can relax with a whiskey or a coffee for a game of backgammon.

supernatural-season-9-men-of-letters-interview-8.JPGTraveling through the corridors of the bunker, one finds a bedroom. The question is: Who sleeps in this rumpled bed?

supernatural-season-9-men-of-letters-interview-9.JPGThe bunker also has a kitchen. It’s not the most inviting place.

supernatural-season-9-men-of-letters-interview-10.JPGFor the Man of Letters garage, “Supernatural” goes on location. Thus, the Impala remains outside on the show’s production lot.

supernatural-season-9-men-of-letters-interview-11.JPG“Supernatural” airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m.

Posted by:Laurel Brown