spn dean kiss 'Supernatural': Jensen Ackles gets chivalrous, says love scenes are 'not a free show'In honor of Valentine’s Day, we figured we’d indulge you “Supernatural” fans a bit. Zap2it caught up with Jensen Ackles at the Creation Entertainment Salute to Supernatural Event in Los Angeles, and guess what? It turns out he’s not only totally hot, but he’s also a bona fide gentleman.

The Winchester brothers have had more than their fair share of love scenes over the years. Dean has hooked up with plenty of damsels in distress, waitresses, twins and of course, Lisa. He even had a “Titanic”-style love scene in a car with an angel. Meanwhile, Sam’s locked lips with everyone from a demon to a doctor to a werewolf to a hooker.

Romantic, right? Happy February 14!

Ackles, who will celebrate his first wedding anniversary with actress Danneel Harris in May, says that he and co-star Jared Padalecki don’t get nervous for their kissing scenes anymore. His focus, he notes, is on making sure that his scene partner isn’t too freaked out.

“For me, and I think Jared’s the same way, I’m always
concerned about them and their nerves, because they’re a guest star on
the show and they’re kissing the lead actor,” Ackles says.

“We’re around our friends,” Padalecki adds, referring to the crew they’ve worked with in Vancouver since the show began in 2005.

Ackles says that he steps up and takes control of the situation, making sure that the environment is as welcoming as possible for the guest star who is about to go through the (horrible, we’re sure) experience of making out with a Winchester.

“My attention goes to her, to whether she’s
comfortable,” Ackles says. “I’ll be like ‘Listen, guys, she’s got to take her shirt off
and she’s only got this nude kind of piece across her chest. Let’s
clear the set out. I don’t want to see anybody that doesn’t have to be
here, here. This is not a free show. Get out.'”

Are you melting yet? Thank those good Texas values. “My parents raised me to be
that way,” Ackles says.

To which Padalecki rolls his eyes. “He pulled that one out of nowhere,” he teases, and they bump fists. Yeah, yeah. No chick flick moments.  spn genevieve jared 'Supernatural': Jensen Ackles gets chivalrous, says love scenes are 'not a free show'

So just what is it like to kiss Ackles? Traci Dinwiddie, a recurring guest star who played Pamela on the show, dishes, “It was like sucking on a Jolly Rancher.”

She clarifies, “There are certain things you do to be nice, to prepare, when you’re
about to lip-lock with a professional actor. I drank tea, and he sucked on a Jolly Rancher.”

Dinwiddie was on a strict diet at the tie, so that Jolly Rancher was heavenly. “I hadn’t had sugar, y’all! So I was like,
oh my god. That’s what I wanted, the Jolly Rancher.” 

She laughs, telling us that when she was last overseas, a fan asked her about kissing Ackles, and got a little more than she bargained for. “The thing is, in Europe, when you
translate ‘sucking on a jolly rancher,’ oh my goodness me. Luckily,
Jensen did not throw me under the bus, and he was kind enough to translate in a
more appealing manner. I don’t know how I get myself into these little
tongue tied messes.”

Tongue tied indeed.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie