supernatural dean sam 'Supernatural': Jensen Ackles makes directorial debut on 'Weekend at Bobby's'The “Supernatural” cast and crew are getting a head start on Season 6. The CW confirms that Jensen Ackles and the rest of the gang have already assembled in Vancouver to begin production on the episode “Weekend at Bobby’s,” which Ackles will direct.

“Weekend at Bobby’s” is the fourth episode of the season, but will be shot first. The schedule was arranged to give Ackles time to prepare before his directorial debut. The normal shooting schedule will resume in July.

Of course, Jim Beaver will guest star as Bobby Singer in the episode. As Ackles gets a taste of life behind-the-camera, Beaver is getting a chance to see what it’s like in Jensen’s shoes. Sources confirm that the episode centers around Bobby’s character, and will also feature a guest appearance by Kim Rhodes as Sheriff Jody Mills, who helped the Winchesters and Bobby fight off zombies in the Season 5 episode “Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid.”

Beaver tweeted about his unusually heavy schedule. “Having watched lots of TV stars at work, I knew being the single lead on a series is the hardest job in the acting biz. Getting a taste now.”

The single lead? Does that mean Jared Padalecki will be MIA in Episode 4? Say it ain’t so!

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Posted by:Carina MacKenzie