My Apple widget dictionary defines momentum as the impetus and driving force gained by the development of a process or course of events. Supernatural sometimes confounds this concept entirely.

Tonight, after their hiatus return in which we saw the return of the angels and Alastair, and the demise of Pamela and Uriel, we spent most of the hour watching them forget who they are. Literally. Thanks to some brain scrambling (which I unfortunately missed thanks to a power outage), the boys found themselves living lives that were not their own. At all. Dean was a director of marketing with a Stanford education and Sam was a cube drone in customer service. And we thought Alastair's torture in hell was bad.

The boys have no memory of who they are, what they do or that are even brothers. But they do know that some freaky things are happening between dreams and strange deaths, so they start to do a little digging and find out that their workplace is haunted. Pulling our current flagging economy into their storyline, it seems that every time there's a serious financial downturn, the ghost of their company's founder returns and wrecks a little havoc. During the market crash of 1929, it cost 17 people their lives.

We see the return of the Ghostfacers, who hold quite the grudge against the Winchesters, as Sam and Dean use the information on their website (half of which they learned from the Winchesters themselves) to battle and defeat the ghost with salt, iron, and good old fashioned fire. Sam suggests that battling ghosts is the life they are supposed to be living and that his dreams are closer to reality, but Dean denies it.

Back at the grind, Sam beats his phone with a fire iron and quits while Dean if offered a raise. A raise which he turns down, telling his boss that there is another job he's supposed to be doing – one that is very important to him. Which is when the boss's demeanor changes as says "well, well, well…finally" and taps Dean on the head. The color palette immediately loses it's forced bright cheerfulness and we've got Dean Winchester back. And he's none too happy about the little experiment Castiel's supervisor decided to pull.

Yet, in the last 5 minutes of the show, with some amazingly well executed writing (and played by the well cast Kurt Fuller) so much momentum is gained and so many issues are addressed that it feels like a sudden and exhilarating sprint after a leisurely jog. The angel, Zachariah, reveals to Dean that he is to his core a hunter and it is the life he will gravitate to no matter what his circumstances.  Not only that, but he's good at it and he will be successful and fulfill his destiny, despite his fear, self doubt and "daddy issues".  And then he tells Dean to stop whining about his life and realize it could be worse. He could be the director of marketing.

The Funny:

Sam: I could use a beer.
Dean: Oh, I'm on the cleanse. I got rid of all the carbs in the house.

Dean: Yeah, I know, it sucks. My portfolio is in the sewer. I don't even want to talk about it.

Dean: This is a lesson?! Very creative.
Zachariah: You should see my decoupage.
Dean: …gross. No thank you.

Dean: Angel or not, I will stab you in the face.

Will we see the return of Dean the bad ass next week? Was Sam able to see through the false reality thanks to his demonic blood? And was Zachariah concerned only with Dean because he thinks Sam is a lost cause? IS Sam a lost cause?

Posted by:Jessica Paff