kurt fuller supernatural 'Supernatural': Kurt Fuller teases the 100th episodeHappy 100th episode, “Supernatural”!

Though reaching 100 is quite a feat, it’s not the only record you hold. We’re pretty sure, at this point, no drama series can match the number of times you’ve killed off your main characters, only to bring them back to life.

It’s a good thing, too, because we need both Winchester brothers to take on the upcoming apocalypse — and tonight’s milestone episode will be bringing some big changes. 

Korbi TV recently chatted with star Kurt Fuller, who spoke about Zachariah’s misguided  attempts to sway the Winchester brothers to see things his way. Will Zach alter his methods any time soon?

“Of course,” Fuller says in the video below. “But do they work? Zachariah, so far, he doesn’t have a lot of arrows in his quiver, you know? He always tries just [to use] pressure, he keeps going back to the same thing. And it’s not working. Once you’ve hit your head against the brick wall and you’re bleeding, and then you have the scar and you hit it again, and you bleed again, you should sort of figure out [it’s wrong]… He’s going to try some other things.”

And Zachariah does have the benefit of not being on a deadline in his quest.

“There are no last ditch efforts because I live in the realm of forever,” Fuller explains. “Time has no meaning. I’ve got all the time I need… They live in the human realm so they do get worn down because time means something to them.”

Though even with that advantage, don’t assume Zachariah will ultimately win the battle to get Dean to accept his destiny as Michael’s vessel.

“Except that Dean… he’s so strong,” Fuller says. “His will is so strong, I don’t know if I can get through to him. I just don’t know.”

Fuller tells us he would spill more about the rest of the season, but he’s deathly afraid of creator Eric Kripke. Why? Check out the video to find out…

Posted by:Marisa Roffman