supernatural s2 240 'Supernatural' Meet the AntichristThere has been one crucial element missing from the apocalypse story line “Supernatural” is embroiled in.

Which is not to say it isn’t a great story, of course. But you can’t bring about the end of the world without the Antichrist. However, with the Winchester’s having decided to take things as they come, they aren’t planing far enough ahead to see if the Antichrist is coming. Instead, they are investigating a case where gags appear to be going awry. Like the girl who scratched her own brains out or the man who ended up toasted because of a hand-buzzer. They check out the local magic shop but other than scaring the owner, they don’t accomplish much.

And the weird events keep piling up, like the man who had all his teeth yanked out by a burly guy in fairy wings and a pink tutu, who left 32 quarters to compensate for he stolen teeth. When they hear about the kids with stomach ulcers from eating pop rocks and drinking coke, they realize these are all things that a little kid would believe. They check out the radius and go to it’s heart.

Which is where they meet Jesse. A little boy who happens to believe that itching powder it potent, hand buzzers area death wish, and all those other things kids believe. Having found the kid, they try to figure out a bit of his background. It seems he has no father on his birth certificate and his mother is on the other side of the state. They go to pay her a visit and ask what she knows about the son she put up for adoption. She warily listens but when they ask if her pregnancy was unusual, she runs. They give chase, but when she throws salt on them she realizes they are not demons and they realize something very weird is afoot.

She tells them that she was possessed. For nine months. She remembers doing horrible things and killing people during that time, but that trapped within herself she couldn’t do anything but watch. Until she started giving birth. She’s unsure what happened exactly, but she was able to wrest control from the demon and she began to eat all the salt she could – effectively ousting her possessor. She admits that she knew she should kill the baby, but that she couldn’t bring herself to do it, so she put him up for adoption. When they ask for the father, she tells them she was a virgin.

Castiel tells them they must kill Jesse, otherwise he will defeat the entire heavenly host because he’s the Antichrist. The guys are appalled at this idea and argue that they don’t kill children. Cas points out that a year ago, they would have done anything for their cause. Further, what they’ve seen is what happens when he’s happy, so what happens when he gets mad. Or, god forbid, when he becomes a teen? Sam says they should tell him the truth of what he is because he might make the right choice. It’s hard not to be chilled when Castiel replies “You didn’t”, but he does have a point.

Castiel leaves to deal with Jesse himself and meanwhile a demon find Jesse’s mom. By the time he Winchesters arrive at Jesse’s house, the kid has turned Cas into an action figure. The guys start to tell him that he’s kind of like Superman and that they want to take him to a place where he can be trained to use his power for good. Which is when the demon mom arrives and tells him the direct truth, pointing out that Sam and Dean are just two more lying adults.

Showing more maturity than most little kids, Jesse wants to hear both sides of the story. And he gets it. That he is half human, half demon and therefore more powerful than anyone and deeply important to more than he can likely comprehend. He chooses the guys over the demon, vanquishing it with a mere thought. He asks the guys if his adoptive parents can come with him and they say it’s up to him, but they point out it’s so dangerous that their own father was killed. So he asks if he can go up and say good bye.

When he seems to have been gone a long time, the guys go upstairs to find him gone, a note left behind explaining that he left in order to protect his parents. Castiel reverts back to normal as do all the people in the town who were hurt by Jesse’s beliefs. But Jesse is gone and no one knows where he is. The evening ends on the down note of the boys wishing their father had lied to them too.

The Funny:

Dean: That’ll do pig. (After cooking a ham with the hand buzzer)

Sam: Do NOT use my razor! (After seeing Dean’s hairy palms)

When do you think we’ll see Jesse again? And what will the circumstances be? I have to say, my first thought is that he’ll be an adult, because what little kid doesn’t wish they were all grown up? Then again, Supernatural does have a penchant for creepy and dangerous little kids. What do you think?

Posted by:Jessica Paff