supernatural holy terror 'Supernatural' midseason finale: The truth comes out about 'Zeke' and it cost [SPOILER] his life

Everything we feared came true in “Supernatural’s” midseason finale on Tuesday (Dec. 3). “Holy Terror” finally gave us the truth about Sam’s angelic pacemaker, and it was nothing good. In fact, it was the worst outcome possible.

Turns out, “Zeke” isn’t actually Ezekiel, good guy, noble warrior, ethical and all-around standup angel. Cas found out that Ezekiel actually died along with a bunch of other angels during The Fall, and an angel who was locked up in heaven’s jail assumed the noble warrior angel’s identity. Meet Gadreel, the angel responsible for letting a serpent into the Garden of Eden.

So not only did Gadreel lie to Dean about who he was, he also took over Sam’s body fully, and after sneaking off to meet Metatron, performed his first hit as Metatron’s No. 2.

Gadreel killed Kevin Tran.

RIP our favorite AP-student-turned-prophet. In one of the most gut-wrenching scenes, Gadreel murdered the teen as Dean was forced to watch his eyes burn out. He could only sit there and feebly call out Kevin’s name, though we all knew he was gone for good.

And not only did the poor guy die, it was after he had just finished helping Dean perform a spell that would let Dean talk to Sam without the angel listening in … and told Dean that whenever he trusted Dean, he got screwed. Truer words have never been spoken.

Gadreel overheard Dean’s plan and altered the spell, so instead of letting Dean talk to Sam, Gadreel pretended to be Sam (pretty well, actually). He had us going there for a minute, as Dean confessed what he did to Sam, it looked like Sam reacted how we’d expect him to. He got pissed, and punched Dean. But then we found out it was actually Gadreel the whole time, and Sam still doesn’t know what’s going on.

But at least Dean has Cas on his side, who had his own troubles this hour. With the angels having a civil war on earth, Cas put on his hunter suit and tried to put an end to it. He got captured by Malachi’s faction, and tortured, before brutally taking an angel’s grace for himself and murdering the entire faction. So Cas is an angel once more, but are we seeing Cas’ bad side again?

Other notable moments from “Holy Terror”:

– Metatron wants to let a select few angels back into heaven because solitude is boring. He also wants to the be leader, but doesn’t want to be called god … he wants to go by “X.”

– Cas had his first beer, and promptly got hammered. He also reminisced about how hot Shannon, the reaper who he lost his virginity to, was with Dean. That was cute.

– Sam was starting to notice that he was losing chunks of time, but now that Gadreel has taken over fully, will we see Sam again? Will he finally realize what’s been going on?

While we wait for “Supernatural” to return in January, let’s mourn Kevin Tran, fallen prophet. You were a good ally on Team Free Will, and you will be missed.

Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum