spn 9 10 5 'Supernatural' midseason premiere: 6 things we need to see in 'Road Trip'

“Supernatural” knows exactly how to stab us in the heart, twist the knife, then rip our now-mangled heart out of our chest, throw it to the ground, and stomp on it until there’s nothing left except for a red pile of goop.

In other words, “Supernatural” knows just how to destroy emotionally, over and over and over again. Case in point: The fall finale. We found out that Sam’s angelic pacemaker wasn’t in fact the noble warrior angel Ezekiel — or “Zeke,” as we and Dean had been affectionately calling him. 

Nope, it was actually the previously incarcerated angel Gadreel, who took over Sam’s body fully (taking away Sam’s ability to expel the angel from his body), murdered the prophet Kevin Tran (we’ll miss you, Osric Chau), and flew the coop to meet up with Metatron, leaving Dean all alone with Kevin’s corpse and the consequences of his actions.

When “Supernatural” returns from its long hiatus on Tuesday (Jan. 14) with “Road Trip,” there are some things we absolutely must see. Come on, “Supernatural” showrunners, after all the pain and heartache you put us through this season so far, you kind of owe us … well, some answers, if not happiness, right?

Revenge on Gadreel

This angel is seriously on our bad list. He’s lied to Dean about his identity, killed poor Kevin, hijacked Sam’s body, and took away the chance for Dean to tell Sam the truth. Plus, he wants to serve Metatron who is responsible for tricking Cas into expelling all the angels from heaven. Gadreel needs to pay for all the havoc he’s wrought on Team Free Will.

Redemption for Dean

Dean’s going to be blaming himself for Kevin’s death since he was the one who helped Gadreel gain access to Sam’s body in the first place. He let an angel possess his brother without even knowing who the angel was. He lied to his brother and Cas over and over, even after promising to tell the truth from now on. Dean’s going to be in a dark place, so there needs to be an opportunity for him to set things right, both for his own well-being and Sam’s.

A proper send-off for Kevin

Kevin Tran earned his spot on Team Free Will by sacrificing his own happiness (and health) to use his prophet skills for good. He did everything Dean and Sam told him to do and almost went crazy trying to do the right thing. He was an overachieving AP student who threw away his promising future for the greater good. And how was he rewarded? By being murdered. This poor guy needs a funeral, or memorial, or something in his honor. He deserves it.

The return of Sam … for real, this time

Sam still doesn’t know that there’s an angel hitching a ride in his meat suit. Dean tried to confess everything to Sam but Gadreel had already taken full control over Sam’s body and the younger Winchester is for all intents and purposes still “asleep.” Sam needs to find out exactly what’s going on with his own body, take back control, and expel this lying, murdering angel pronto. 

Cas to save the day

Now that Cas is an angel again — after brutally stealing another angel’s grace — it’s time for him to make up for lost time and swoop in to save the day with his powers. We loved seeing Cas come to terms with being a human, and we’re excited to see how that will affect him now that he’s an angel again. He has a unique perspective that no other angel has, and he still has his love for the Winchesters, so come on back to the Men of Letters bunker and do whatever you can to help bring Sam back, Cas. 


We love the king of hell, especially this season since he’s somewhere in between being a demon and a human since the trials to close the gates of hell never were completed. The only hint we’ve gotten this season that something’s off with Crowley is that he injected himself with Kevin’s blood. For what? To humanize him some more? We’re not exactly sure, so it’s time for some answers. What’s going on with Crowley?

“Supernatural” returns Tuesday (Jan. 14) at 9 p.m. ET on The CW.

Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum