misha collins supernatural 320 'Supernatural': Misha Collins on Castiel as a hippy, drug addict, sex fiendOh Misha Collins.

We’re well aware of the “Supernatural” actor’s fine sense of humor — especially after his infamous sit down with Korbi TV last fall — but in the clip below, he puts that dry wit on display once again.
Answering fan questions at the party celebrating the series’ upcoming 100th episode, Collins reveals a bit about what’s to come. 

“Right now we’re shooting stuff where Castiel is looking for God,” he says. “[We’re] really sort of playing out that story line toward the end of the season here.”
And what will the big C be up to at said end?

“In the end, I [get] to play the future version of Castiel… where he is a hippy, drug addict, sex fiend living on a sort of post-apocalyptic compound with Dean and his lackeys and flunkies. And it was a lot of fun to play. Got to shoot a pre-orgy scene, which is always nice.” 
Isn’t it though?

Watch the clip below to hear more from Misha on what he hopes will happen, his favorite series moments and why working with Jared Padalecki (Sam) is something he just despises…

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