misha collins cas2 'Supernatural': Misha Collins says the darndest thingsSay what you want about “Supernatural” star Misha Collins, but he certainly keeps things interesting.

During his one-hour Q&A session at Creation Entertainment’s Salute to Supernatural on Saturday (March 27), it frequently seemed like Collins was living in his own universe, and everyone in attendance were merely guests.

No one was spared from his quips, be it the fans asking the questions, his costars or even himself. To celebrate Collins’ special brand of quirk, we compiled some of his best quotes from the panel for your reading pleasure:

In response to a fan who wanted to know if he believed in possession and angels: “Angels are totally real. Tinkerbell has a hot ass. Wendigos exist. It’s all true. Satan is blonde. True fact.”

What other supernatural creature would he like to play?: “On the badass spectrum of things, you have angels
and then fairies.”

On working with Jared Padalecki (Sam): “As Jared fondles
my balls, I try not to laugh.”

To the first male fan who had a question: “That’s an awfully
deep voice you have, ma’am.”

After he stopped a fan from asking a second question: “Can someone let
me know if she does cry later?”

Who he’d like to fight on-screen: “I’d love to give Kurt Fuller (Zachariah) a noogie.”

When a fan told him she was an engineer: “Oh, so there is no magic in your life.”

On keeping his
cool during the funny scenes:
“I have a feeling
the gag reel this year is just going to be Misha f***ing up and
laughing. Over and over and

Why did he ask his Twitter followers to wear yellow carnations?: “So I know who my
allies are in this room.”

On his risque Twitter photos: 
“If you had a
physique like that, you’d be posting naked pictures online as well.”

Love it.

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