supernatural jensen ackles jared padalecki 320 'Supernatural' recap: A Fistful Of Hardy BoysThe evening opens with Sam leading Dean and Bobby down deep beneath the former Campbell Compound into the bunker where Dead Zombie Grandpa stored his secret stash of spooky arcana, and no, I don’t know why Sam’s only just doing this now, so don’t ask me. While there, the boys plus Bobby quickly find a piece of lore that claims The Mother Of All can be slain with phoenix ash right before they just as quickly find a potential source for said ash amid the alcoholic scribblings set down in Samuel Colt’s personal diary. Of course, there’s one tiny problem: Said source of phoenix ash exists 150 years in the past. The relevant entry, you see, notes that The F****** Colt That Can Kill Anything Except When It Usually Can’t successfully shot a phoenix on March 5, 1861, in a tiny bit of nowhere called Sunrise, Wyoming, so Our Intrepid Heroes must figure out a way to leap back in time, because they’re too damn lazy to find a phoenix right here in the present. Or something like that.

Good thing, then, that they’re best friends with a certain angel who’s sent them into the past before, and it’s also a good thing that that certain angel has absolutely nothing better to do with his life than cater to Our Intrepid Heroes’ every whim. My Sweet Baboo therefore quite obligingly zaps Sam and Dean back to March 4, 1861, giving them a full 24 hours to locate the phoenix and scoop up its ashes, but because nothing’s ever that simple for the boys, they must first entangle themselves in the rather sordid goings-on of the town’s inhabitants, thereby wasting so much time that they ultimately fail to secure the phoenix’s remains before Castiel’s forced to yank them back into the present. Fortunately, Sam left his Android behind, and as the illustrious Samuel Colt’s apparently well versed in the various plot machinations of the Back To The Future movies, he simply gathers up those remains and uses the information he gleans from Sam’s phone to ship a bottle of the necessary ash to the boys in 2011 via “Western Courier.”

I feel like strangling someone.

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