supernatural jensen ackles jared padalecki 320 'Supernatural' recap: "A Metric Ton Of Worst"We pick up immediately where we left off before Thanksgiving, with Bobby shot in the head, and Our Intrepid Heroes barreling through the night to reach Hammonton’s trauma center before the rugged old hairball leaks his brains out all across the floor of some anonymous van. And then, things take a bizarre and unexpected twist when The TMI Cam — borrowed once more from the sets of the many, many CSIs now littering the airwaves — dives down into Bobby’s sucking head wound to dump us all into the middle of last’s episode’s heavily armed trek through The Pine Barrens, where the boys plus Bobby once again stumble across the drippy remains of The Late Ranger Rick’s late colleague. Fortunately, Bobby himself quickly realizes that strange things are afoot in The Wharton State Forest, and he drags Sam and Dean back to last week’s hovel, where he manages to scribble down an urgent set of Leviathan-related numbers on a slip of paper before he flashes back first to the last argument he ever had with his wife before finally landing in the middle of a hunt he once conducted with the ever-welcome Rufus, who seems a bit more volubly Jewish in these flashbacks than he ever did in person.

But that’s beside the point, I suppose, because it’s at this juncture that Bobby runs into his very own personalized Reaper, who explains that Bobby’s in a coma, likely to die, and is thus running through the “gin-soaked rat maze” of his brain in some sort of review of his life’s greatest hits before he finally flatlines for good. Naturally, because Bobby must impart that urgent set of Leviathan-related numbers upon Our Intrepid Heroes before he dies, he enlists the aid of Flashback Rufus to trap his personalized Reaper in The Flashback Emporium, after which he and Rufus stomp off in search of Bobby’s Worst Memory Ever. You see, according to Rufus, once Bobby confronts said Worst Memory Ever, a magical path will open from Comaland to the real world, which will allow Bobby to speak with the boys one last time. Just go with it.

So, Bobby and Rufus run through a couple more of Bobby’s Greatest Hits until they reach the night when a ten-year-old Bobby shot his violently abusive father dead in the middle of The Emporium’s kitchen, just as the nasty old drunk was about to wallop Bobby’s hapless and God-fearing mother into the middle of next year. And, as promised, after Bobby finally reconciles himself with what happened that particular evening, the magical path opens, and Real World Bobby wakes up long enough to scribble those important numbers on Sam’s gigantic mitt, after which he calls both Our Intrepid Heroes “idjits” one last, affectionate time before biting it, for good.

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