supernatural jensen ackles jared padalecki 320 'Supernatural' recap: Have A Drink On The Hardy BoysThe reprehensible DJ Qualls summons Our Intrepid Heroes to Junction City, Kansas, when the heirs of a specialty brewing company start popping up in odd places sporting their entrails as outerwear. Initially, it seems as if the spectral presence of a long-dead local crazy lady is responsible for this unexpected spate of grisly killings, but when yet another heir ends up dead even after the old gal’s earthly remains have been salted and burned, Sam and Dean begin investigating the brewery’s owners and soon find themselves wading through a sordid morass of fiendish corporate malfeasance and ZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzz that threatens to drive each and every remaining member of this wretched show’s rapidly dwindling audience to suicide thanks to the mind-melting levels of boredom and blah involved. Long story short, two of the brewery’s owners screwed the third out of a significant amount of cash, or something, when they sold the operation to a certain as-yet-unnamed company that’s probably being run by a Leviathan, so the third guy offed himself. However, before he died, this third, screwed-over partner took great care to import an actual foreign booze monster in a bottle of sake, and it is this Japanese creature who’s actually been slaughtering the other partners’ kids.

Our Intrepid Heroes quickly learn they can take the Japanese booze monster out with a specially-blessed samurai sword, but naturally, there’s a problem: They can only see the Japanese booze monster if they’re liquored up themselves. This leads to several ludicrous scenes wherein the tiniest amounts of alcohol immediately have various characters slurring their words and veering into walls and such because this show sucks, but eventually, Dashing El Deano does manage to ram that specially-blessed samurai sword of his straight through what passes for the Japanese booze monster’s heart, and with that problem solved, Our Intrepid Heroes happily motor on off towards their next thrilling adventure.

In other news, The Spectral Presence Of Dead Bobby confirms all of our recent suspicions when it finally manifests itself at the very end of the episode. Unfortunately, neither Sam nor Dean seems able to see Dead Bobby at the moment, so we’ll have to wait until after this next little three-week-long mini-hiatus for that round of maddening and soul-destroying angst. Whee!

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