supernatural jensen ackles jared padalecki 320 'Supernatural' recap: "I Don't Even Care Anymore."When a high-end camper meets a gruesome end in the New Jersey Pine Barrens, Our Intrepid Heroes plus Bobby make the trek to Atlantic County to investigate. They’re hobbled at first by Bobby’s insistence that they remain entirely off the grid for the duration of the investigation, and the fetid squalor they find themselves living in once they set up shop in a long-abandoned farmhouse sends Dreary El Deano spiraling into depression, but once they don their FBI drag and head to the nearest Biggerson’s to interrogate the chief ranger assigned to Wharton State Forest, Dean perks up considerably — especially after he inhales one of Biggerson’s new, limited-time-only Pepperjack Turducken Slammers.

But first things first: Ranger Rick, as he likes to call himself, ends up being of little use to their investigation, partly because the guy just doesn’t have that much information to offer the boys, but mainly because he seems to be perpetually stoned. Sam, Dean, and Bobby nevertheless trek out into the woods, where they quickly find the drippy remains of one of Ranger Rick’s colleagues. Ranger Rick himself gets chomped on by the first commercial break, but luckily enough, Bobby manages to shoot Ranger Rick’s attacker and, after they’ve dragged the corpse back to that long-abandoned farmhouse, the low-rent autopsy they perform on the remains reveals the creature’s not the Jersey Devil at all, but rather a radically altered local who went missing shortly before all of the subsequent attacks and disappearances started hitting the papers.

The three head back to Biggerson’s, where it soon becomes apparent that there’s something in the chain’s new, limited-time-only Pepperjack Turducken Slammers that’s turning a few rare customers into flesh-eating psycho zombies while rendering the majority of the restaurant’s remaining patrons a little sluggish. Stoned, you might say. Like Doped-Up El Deano, in fact. So, after a quick Dean detox that seems to involve little more than copious amounts of caffeine, Our Intrepid Heroes plus Bobby stake out Biggerson’s loading dock, follow a supply truck back to its source, and uncover a vast Leviathan conspiracy to drug the United States population into complacency via fast food. Yeah, you can tell it’s a Ben Edlund episode right there. Hippie weirdo.

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