supernatural jensen ackles jared padalecki 320 'Supernatural' recap: "I'm Surrounded By Large, Unhappy Dogs."So, you remember last week, right? When Our Intrepid Heroes stole that chunk of prehistoric clay from Richard Roman’s goons in Wheeling, and Darling Sammy was all, “So, what do we do?” and Dashing El Deano was all, “Whatever we do, it needs to happen several thousand miles away from here!” Yeah, well, they make it all the way to South Chicago before they stop to chop open that chunk of prehistoric clay, because they’re idiots. This stupid show.

Anyway, Our Intrepid Heroes’ clay-cracking efforts call down a mighty, violent, continent-wide, angel-awakening, prophet-activating electrical storm from an unhappy Heaven, so the boys figure they’re doing something right, and that seems to be confirmed when The Leviathan’s chunk of prehistoric clay disgorges a stone tablet that’s packed with a tight, tiny script neither of them can read. Fortunately, Sassy Demonette Meg phones them at that very moment from Castiel’s funny farm in Northern Indiana to inform Sam and Dean that everybody’s favorite fallen angel has snapped out of his coma. Unfortunately, My Sweet Baboo can’t read the stone tablet’s fussy script, either, as it was originally chiseled by Metatron back during the creation of Earth, and thus was never meant for mere angel eyes.

Good thing, then, that the prophet activated by that electrical storm shows up in his parents’ stolen car to translate everything for Our Intrepid Heroes. This new prophet is a painful Asian stereotype originally hailing from suburban Michigan, and of course, he arrives with a little extra baggage of his own, this in the form of a pair of angels from Castiel’s old garrison who’ve been tasked with whisking both the prophet and the Metatron tablet off to some remote location, where the prophet might reveal The Word Of God to them in private. Naturally, Our Intrepid Heroes take issue with this plan of action and, after Dashing El Deano activates a sneaky Angel-B-Gon sigil on one of the nuthouse walls, the boys plus Castiel plus Meg plus the prophet plus the Metatron tablet retire to the lush coastal rainforests of Montana’s Rocky Mountain range to translate God’s Word in peace. The temporarily thwarted angels eventually give chase and, after a brief showdown during which Meg magically smites one of them, the remaining angel reaches an amicable agreement with Sam and Dean, and the prophet soon informs them all that the tablet contains a predictably complicated set of instructions for killing every last Leviathan dead.

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