supernatural jensen ackles jared padalecki 320 Supernatural recap: Ive Been Looking At This For, Like, <i>Eight Years</i>.Remember that tense-making cliffhanger from the end of last week’s episode? You know, the one that left us all thinking The Leviathans had turned Bobby into a bitty pile of ash while an ambulance carried Our Grievously Injured Heroes straight into the depths of The Leviathans’ new lair at Sioux Falls General Hospital? Yeah, well, they rid themselves of all that awesome excitement within the episode’s first thirty seconds and then shot forward in time three weeks so there’d be absolutely no repercussions whatsoever. I told you they’d **** it all up.

So, moments after Our Dear Boys have been wheeled into Sioux Falls General, a spiffed-up Bobby materializes with no explanation at all to whisk them away to Whitefish, Montana, where Bobby had — get this — stored copies of all of his priceless research, so the loss of The Emporium is really no big deal. And after stuffing Sam’s leaky brain back into his skull through his ear, and after plopping Dean down on a couch in front of a neverending stream of telenovelas that magically heal his shattered tibia completely in less than 21 days, the episode proper opens with a still-hallucinating Sam going walkabout to investigate a series of gruesome murders 350 miles away in Bozeman. The M.O. behind the crimes, you see, matches that of a case he took on all by his lonesome twenty-three years ago when he was, like, six goddamned years old, and it seems the same beastie’s responsible for this latest spate of killings.

Through a series of yellow-toned flashbacks, we watch as Wee Sam meets and befriends one “Amy Pond,” a lissome lass with a nasty piece of work for a mother, and it turns out both Amy and her ma are “Kitsunes,” and I don’t know why I bothered linking to that Wikipedia entry because Kitsunes on this show are brain-sucking monsters with absolutely devastating manicures who must feast on human pituitary glands lest they fall ill and die. Flashback Amy saved Wee Sam’s life by killing her own mother, so Wee Sam let her go on the condition she avoid killing anyone else for the rest of her life. Unfortunately, Present Amy’s half-Kitsune son got really, really sick, so she started sucking on the heads of various lowlifes and deadbeats to heal the kid, and now she must die.

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