supernatural jensen ackles jared padalecki 320 'Supernatural' recap: Mediums, Well DoneDashing El Deano, left all by his lonesome as you’ll no doubt recall after last week’s stomach-churning end-of-episode drama, catches wind of a bizarre spate of gruesome deaths amongst the medium community in Lily Dale, New York, and so boosts yet another crapped-out piece of garbage to motor on up to Chautauqua County to investigate. Of course, he almost immediately runs into Sullen Sammy, who’s there for the exact same reason, so the two reluctantly join forces to figure out what’s actually going on. Seems one local supposed psychic of note got brained by her own crystal ball while another found her neck on the business end of a deadly airborne Ouija-board planchette, and their surviving compatriots in the hamlet’s Spiritualist community are quite naturally on edge, especially after a third, spoon-bending mentalist ends up impaled on dozens of pieces of cutlery in his own salon.

After a brief bit of pointless misdirection involving a supposed “Orb Of Thessaly” that is actually a chunk of Made-In-Taiwan junk, Our Intrepid Heroes zero in on one of the psychics’ granddaughters, a comely lass named Melanie who herself works the Spiritualist circuit despite being convinced it’s all a load of crap. Through Melanie, Sam and Dean learn that Granny had a particularly vivid premonition of her own death mere hours before said death occurred, and after yet another supposed seer receives a similar vision, the boys realize they’re dealing with the unquiet spirit of the infamous Kate Fox. Fortunately, in Supernatural Land, Miss Fox was buried in the local cemetery after her alcohol-related death in 1892, so Our Dear Boys are spared a lengthy road-trip down to Brooklyn and instead promptly desecrate the poor woman’s grave right there in Lily Dale. Problem solved, right?

Wrong. Turns out Dead Kate was merely warning the various victims of her pissed-off sister Margaret’s murderous intentions, and Dead Maggie wastes not a moment slaughtering her fourth target right before the horrified Melanie’s eyes. Super-Smart Sammy does a little more investigating and quickly discovers that yet another local — this one a true psychic who sucks at the whole entertainment aspect of the business — wrapped the unquiet spirit of Dead Maggie up in some sort of binding spell to exact his jealousy-fueled vengeance on his more financially successful neighbors. So, Sam shoots the guy about a half-dozen times in the chest, then salts and burns Dead Maggie’s bones, which the abject failure had been keeping in a sack by his bed.

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