supernatural jensen ackles jared padalecki 320 'Supernatural' recap: Mommie DearestNow that Our Intrepid Heroes have managed to secure the phoenix ash they need to off The Mother Of All, they of course need to find out where The Mother Of All’s been hanging out, so they send My Sweet Baboo off to kidnap one of the friendlier monsters they’ve encountered in the past — way, way far in the past, as it turns out, for Castiel returns from his mission with Lenore, that cow-sucking vampire no one’s bothered to think about for nearly five years. Lenore, alas, is much the worse for the wear when we meet up with her again, for The Mother’s been broadcasting all sorts of nasty messages to her offspring ever since she rose from Purgatory at the beginning of February, and Mommie’s constant nagging has driven Lenore to drink. The good thing about this particular telepathic connection, though, is that Lenore and all of the other Mommie Spawn know exactly where the old gal is: Grants Pass, Oregon.

So, after My Sweet Baboo fries what’s left of Poor Lenore’s brain straight out of her skull (more on that later), the boys plus Bobby and Castiel flutter on over to Oregon, where they find very little of note until a chance encounter with a frat full of slowly disintegrating shapeshifters leads them to a bar full of rapidly decaying vampire-ghoul hybrids, all of whom seem to have been felled by some mysterious fever. After an especially gruesome run-in with the local constabulary — every last one of whom had been secretly converted to The Mother’s cause, of course — Our Intrepid Heroes finally track The Mother to a diner, where she spends a very lengthy period of time explaining her take on things before Dean rather craftily tricks her into offing herself by sucking on his neck. You see, he’d dumped some of that phoenix ash into a shot of whiskey and downed it, so when Mommie latches on to his carotid for a snack, she ends up with a mouthful of the one thing on the planet that can kill her dead. Pretty sneaky, Dean.

Of course, The Mother’s defeat does not mean the end of the angst for Our Dear Boys. Turns out that Crowley’s still alive — something initially claimed by The Mother during her lengthy speech — and he’s apparently been in cahoots with My Sweet Baboo this entire time. I have no idea how they’re going to square this shocking twist with everything that’s come before it thus far this season, but I have to admit: At least these last couple of episodes haven’t been boring. And the body count in this one was spectacular.

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