supernatural jensen ackles jared padalecki 320 'Supernatural' recap: Stuck in the MiddleFor whatever reason, Richard Roman negotiates a deal with the temporarily ensnared Crowley that basically amounts to this: If Crowley agrees to sneakily provide Our Intrepid Heroes with a vial of ordinary demon blood — thus rendering This Year’s Unnecessarily Complicated Ultimate Weapon useless — The Leviathans will grant the demonic horde full dominion over Canada in perpetuity. This is an asinine move on both of their parts for a number of reasons, so it’s a good thing Crowley promptly goes behind Richard Roman’s back the instant he’s freed to screw the idiot Leviathan King over by providing Our Intrepid Heroes with a vial of his own super-potent demon blood, so there’s that bit of this year’s season finale all sorted.

Unfortunately, Our Intrepid Heroes must also still deal with My Bat**** Baboo, who is totally useless, and Dead Bobby, who threatens to derail their slapped-together plan by barging into Leviathan World Headquarters on his own. The former issue never really does get resolved this evening, but the latter goes away when Darling Sammy somehow shows Dead Bobby the error of his ways, after which Dashing El Deano tearfully barbecues Dead Bobby’s traveling flask, thereby at last sending Dead Bobby on to his just reward. So, you know, expect the grizzled old spectral coot to resurface sometime in November.

And in the end, with a minor assist from Demon Meg and a major assist from Crowley’s army of minions, Our Intrepid Heroes manage to break into Leviathan World Headquarters, where Dashing El Deano spears Richard Roman through the neck with This Year’s Unnecessarily Complex Ultimate Weapon. Of course, there’s a problem: The force of the vanquish blasts both Dashing El Deano and My Sweet Baboo bodily into Purgatory, where they are immediately menaced by a pack of snarling, red-eyed beasties. DUN! Will Supernatural‘s prettiest cast members survive?

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