supernatural jensen ackles jared padalecki 320 'Supernatural' recap: The Hardy Boys Pander Shamelessly To GeeksAfter last week’s exhausting hijinks in Bodega Bay, Our Intrepid Heroes plus Dead Bobby retire to Dead Rufus’s ridiculously scenic rustic homestead deep within the lush coastal rainforests of Montana’s Rocky Mountains to discuss, finally, this season’s overarching Leviathan storyline. Unfortunately, none of their contacts — and no, I don’t know how they still have contacts when everyone they know is dead — can tell them anything about Richard Roman’s evil machinations as of late, but just when it looks like we’re going to spend the entire hour watching these dolts try to play Scrabble with each other, Darling Sammy receives an e-mail from Frank Devereaux.

Well, actually, Darling Sammy receives a prewritten e-mail sent automatically from one of Frank Devereaux’s stolen hard drives, because Frank Devereaux’s dead, too. Probably. Before he left us, however, he rigged his computers to shoot out a warning message to Our Intrepid Heroes should anyone attempt to crack his encryption codes, and it is this warning message that sends Darling Sammy and Dashing El Deano screaming across the country to Mount Prospect, Illinois, and the worldwide headquarters of Richard Roman Enterprises, where this week’s unusually annoying guest star has been trying to access Probably Dead Frank’s data at the behest of Richard Roman himself.

Naturally, the boys team up with this week’s uncommonly annoying guest star to figure out what’s really going on and, after a series of wacky adventures too stupid to detail in this brief recaplet, they eventually figure out that Richard Roman unearthed something of tremendous importance on his last archeological dig in Iran. The boys plus this week’s extraordinarily annoying guest star successfully conspire to hijack that something of tremendous importance just as it arrives in the United States and, when Richard Roman unleashes a team of his Leviathanically-enhanced underlings to annihilate Our Intrepid Heroes, Dead Bobby steps in to smack them all up with a hefty dose of his newfound ghostly mojo, thereby allowing Our Intrepid Heroes and this week’s outlandishly annoying guest star to escape with their booty, relatively unscathed.

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