supernatural jensen ackles jared padalecki 320 'Supernatural' recap: "We're Stupid"In the episode’s opening moments, a hunter by the name of Lee Chambers (portrayed by that eminence of Canadian television Ian Tracey, just so you know) gets himself abducted by the very truck-stop Vetalas he’d been hunting, so his fretful daughter rings up Bobby for an assist, not knowing of course that Bobby’s been rotting away in the grave for the better part of a month. Darling Sammy intercepts the wee lass’s plea for help and promptly decides to hit the road, but a brooding El Deano begs off — he’s become obsessed with those numbers Bobby scrawled on Sam’s massive mitt right before the dear old hairball kicked it for good, you see, and he’d much rather hook up with Frank Devereaux to see what that particular bundle of paranoid psychosis has to say about them.

So, Our Intrepid Heroes split up, which is always a wonderful idea on this show, and after several pointless moments of Leviathan-related antagonism between Dean and Devereaux, Frank reveals he’s discovered that Bobby’s numbers point to a rather large patch of land in northern Wisconsin that had recently been acquired by Richard Roman Enterprises, Inc. The two head up to the empty field in question and find that the Leviathans have already bestrewn the place with surveillance cameras, so sly Frank taps into the Leviathans’ security system and, after three straight days of monitoring the feed, eventually spots some useful information in the form of one “Amanda Willer,” an efficient-looking RRE project manager who’s seen ordering some underlings about the underbrush.

Meanwhile, Darling Sammy’s met up with Lee’s adolescent daughter, Chrissy, and she’s spunky and sassy and Wise Beyond Her Years, so the dear boy does us all an immense favor by shooting her dead on the spot. No, sorry, I got that one wrong: Sam actually trails after her father and gets his enormously stupid self caught by the very same truck-stop Vetalas that so recently laid Lee low. Chrissy thus has little choice but to call Dean and, after he’s pulled himself away from far more important matters, the mismatched duo motor on up to wherever and save Sam and Lee by impaling the Vetalas on a couple of silver knives. Naturally, fist-bumps and hugs abound in the wake of this particular success, but the episode ends with both Sam and Dean sliding back into their collective Bobby-related funk as they peel on off towards their next adventure. Words cannot begin to describe how boring it all was.

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