spn sam dean car smile 'Supernatural': Sam and Dean, reunited, and it feels... well, you knowLast week on “Supernatural,” Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) went their separate ways after Sam discovered that Dean lied to him about killing a childhood friend (who, to Dean’s credit, was also a monster who needed to eat human brains).

They’ve had worse fights, so it’s not too much of a shock to see these two back together again. When psychics began to die off in gruesome, inexplicable ways in a town famous for its paranormal activity, the Winchesters wound up working the same job.

“Supernatural” fans are used to seeing Sam and Dean on the outs, but we have to say… this is the first time we kind of liked it. The thing that set this fight apart from all the others is that somehow, it felt healthy. Both guys were right, no one was being unreasonable, and there weren’t any buried secrets. When all the cards are on the table, it’s a fair fight. This episode was full of honesty — even brutal honesty — and we loved it.

After a week and a half apart, Dean figured that they could just work the job and figure out their relationship drama once people stopped dying. The case hit a little close to home when they investigated two sisters who worked a psychic stage show when the town was founded. “It never ended well for the siblings,” a museum curator said of sibling acts. “The strain of working together, or maybe just being around each other all their lives.”

Perhaps the Winchesters can relate?

Things hit a breaking point when the curator, struck by some psychic mojo himself, stopped Dean. “Do you know an Eleanor or an Ellen? She seems quite concerns about you. She wants to tell you, if you don’t tell someone how bad it really is, she’ll kick your ass from beyond. You have to trust someone again eventually.”

Dean, overwhelmed, decided to have it out with Sam outside the museum. They had a nice loud argument about killing people and waving guns at Satan right out on the sidewalk, you know, as Winchesters do. Dean insisted that he was right to kill Amy, since she killed four people, Sam insisted that he didn’t deserve to be lied to.

Regardless, hashing everything out was good for the boys — by the end of the episode, Sam no longer wanted to “break Dean’s face,” which was an improvement. He admitted that Dean was right — which also may have had to do with the fact that Sam killed a human this week. (Still, we’re wondering why he and Dean both see fit to let the Buffy the Vampire
Witches go free after Amy’s death, when they’d been killing people
practically for sport for centuries.)

In the end, not only did they make up, but Sam even prodded Dean enough to get Dean to confess the reason for his recent downward spiral. Castiel’s betrayal left Dean with some trust issues, and lying to Sam was only salt in the wound.

The episode struck the perfect balance between brotherly angst and good
old-fashioned grave-digging, angry spirit, salt-and-iron fun. If the
colors had been a little darker and a little bluer, we would’ve believed
it was a Season 1 episode that got lost in the vault.

The Winchesters’ relationship is genuinely stronger than ever at this moment. They actually talked about their feelings without pretending they were talking about something else, they’re together because that’s the way they choose to work — not because they have no other option, and the only things they have to worry about now are the Leviathans. And possibly Sam’s sideburns staging a coup and taking over his entire body, but that’s a different story.

Next week… Sam’s getting married! Who do you think the bride is?

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie