The CW has released a new “Supernatural” promo spot… and it makes us a little sad.

Don’t get us wrong. We love that the show is veering in an unexpected direction — the game-changer at the end of Season 6 turned the series’ formula on its head and kept us on our toes — but we’re going to miss Castiel.

“The Castiel you knew is gone,” he warns the Winchesters in the preview. When we last spoke with Misha Collins, he confirmed that the character has been stripped of his humorous angle — there won’t be any more fumbling with technology, learning via porn, or accidental double entendres with Dean.

“I’ll spoil this right now for you — he does start the season as both a wrathful and vengeful god,” Collins told us earlier this month. Don’t expect a redemption before Castiel exits in episode 2, titled “Hello, Cruel World.” Details as to where Castiel is going will be revealed on Sept. 30.

While Collins welcomes the opportunity to return to the series, he hasn’t yet booked any future episodes beyond those first two. We’re still holding out hope for a comeback later in the season.

As for the Winchesters, Sam (Jared Padalecki) will continue to struggle with his crippling memories of hell. He says that the challenge of portraying a man with the worst PTSD ever has been an interesting one. “I’m still figuring it out. It’s difficult to understand,” he tells us. He’s chosen to focus on the smaller moments of Sam’s experience in hell, rather than the greater picture, because 100 years of torture isn’t exactly relatable.

 “When you tell somebody ‘6 million people died between the years, blah
blah blah,’ you’re kind of like, ‘Whoa,’ but you can’t grasp it. If you
then say, ‘One person had every nail pulled out and his nose cut off,
and salt poured in’ … thinking about specifics, that’s where you can
go,” he says.

As for Dean — we hear you, Dean girls! There’s been a bit of an uproar in our comments section when it comes to Dean’s storyline this season. When the show returns on Sept. 23, Dean will be occupied with keeping Castiel at bay, while grappling with the fact that Castiel was arguably his best friend before he turned against the Winchesters.

However, as it has been since we first met Dean at four years old, his primary concern will be his brother’s well-being. “Sam is dealing
with more of a personal issue than Dean,” Jensen Ackles told our friends at E! when they visited the set.
“Essentially the big topic [this season] is there’s a new evil in the
world and the boys are going to have to combat it by pooling their
[meager] resources…It’s going to be a difficult situation for both

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie