spn season6 dvd 'Supernatural' Season 6 DVDs: Jensen Ackles talks directing and moreSupernatural‘s” seventh season begins in September on The CW, but in the meantime, we’re left with TBS reruns until we can get our hands on the Season 6 DVDs and relive all the drama of soulless Sam, the Mother of All, and of course… Castiel’s slippery slope.

Warner Bros. has announced that the DVDs will be released September 13, which will likely give you about a week to catch up before Season 7 begins. (No premiere date for Season 7 has been announced yet.)

You can expect to see all 22 episodes, of course, with several special features. One of the featurettes chronicles series star Jensen Ackles’ work as he completed his directorial debut, one of the season’s standout episodes, “Weekend at Bobby’s.” Additionally, we’ll see cast and crew discuss the significance of the soul in Season 6 in the featurette “Supernatural and the Quest for the Soul.”

Executive producers Sera Gamble, Bob Singer, and Ben Edlund offer commentary on two of the season’s more humorous episodes, “Clap Your Hands If You Believe” and “The French Mistake.” Speaking of humor… no word yet on whether a gag reel will be included, but we’ve definitely got our fingers crossed.

As a bonus, you’ll also get to preview two episodes of the animated series (read more about that here). The full animated season will be released July 26.

The DVD art seen below may not match the actual box set released.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie