spn cake vs pie 'Supernatural' Season 7: Are Sam and Dean closer than ever?Is it just us, or have Sam and Dean been particularly brotherly this season on “Supernatural”? Their bond seems to be as strong as it was before the Yellow-Eyed Demon, Ruby, and Lucifer drove them apart.

It’s about time.

In this newly released clip from Friday’s episode, “The Girl Next Door,” Dean (Jensen Ackles) is stuck at home with a broken leg while Sam (Jared Padalecki) does the food shopping. We’re glad to see Sam up and walking around — and learning to manage his epic post-traumatic stress.

“Yeah, I’m still seeing crap that’s not real,” Sam tells Dean. “But yeah, I’m fine. I mean, I can tell the difference… I just know I’m managing it, so don’t worry.” Check it out! Winchester honesty!

Sam being able to identify his hallucinations means we’ve seen the last of Lucifer (Mark Pellegrino) for the time being. “I hope we’ll see him again,” executive producer Sera Gamble tells us. “We have ideas for seeing him again, but you won’t see him in the next few episodes. It was so much fun to see Sam and Lucifer together that it would be pretty great to see an episode that takes him somewhere new.”

Despite Lucifer being gone, Sam is definitely not okay — and he probably won’t ever be. “We don’t think of that problem as conquered,” Gamble says. “Now, part of what Sam has to deal with on a daily basis is to organize his reality in a way that’s workable, and we’ll see how that evolves moving forward.” Gamble says that Sam will continue to rely on Dean as his anchor in the real world.

That is, if Dean doesn’t murder him for this unforgivable cake vs. pie brotherhood violation. Come on, Sam. Just when we thought you were making progress.


Posted by:Carina MacKenzie